Do you want to know the net worth of American actor Anson Mount? See his fabulous life in Hollywood

Anson Mount is an American on-screen character who is generally perceived for his show called 'Hell on Wheels'; and ‘Crossroads’ alongside ‘Britney Spears’. Right up 'til the present time, he has featured in more than 20 films and 14 TV series altogether.


Thus; to this day, his net worth has gone past the sky; and today, we have ceased by here to examine his fabulous life and net worth close to his profession also. Stay with us.

Anson Mount Net Worth and Salary

By profession, Anson Mount is an actor and a film producer. Therefore; by now, he has been able to make his net worth grow up to $3 Million as of 2015. And speaking about his yearly salary, he earns $352,941 per year. As per network portal, his monthly earning is $61,866.

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Anson Mount Education and Career

Before any of his things started, he went to Dickson County High School where he got into his first supporting role in a school play. Then, he enrolled at Tennessee’s the University of the South, joined ‘Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity’, and got himself to theater and performance art. Later on; for his master’s degree, he went to Columbia University and graduated in Fine Arts.

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His first appearance in a movie line was in 1998, where he starred as Joshua, a gay character. In 1999, he made his TV debut in Fox’s Ally McBeal and took a turn in an episode of HBO’s Sex in the City later.

It led him to a role in the NBC production drama called Third Watch in 2000. And after all the experiences he gained, he started to act with different popular faces like Robert De Niro, James Franco and more. This is how his career as an actor turned on.

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Anson Mount Personal Life

Anson Mount was born on 25th  February 1973; in Arlington Heights, Illinois; to Nancy Smith (Mother) and Anson Adams Mount II (Father). He has 3 siblings named Anson Adams lll (Older Brother), Kristin and Elizabeth (Sisters), from his dad’s first marriage.

Speaking about his relationships, Mount dated Famke Janssen and sources believe that they dated for 9 whole years. However, it ended due to some personal disputes between them. Recently, he is dating Darah Trang.

Famke Janssen

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Darah Trang and Anson Mount

Darah Trang and Anson Mount

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