Disclose British model Louis Dowler's Net Worth, Earnings, and Investments; More about his Fancy Wedding!

The British model, Louis Dowler, who was married to Jennifer Esposito, has added a lot to his total net worth through his movies and professional filming career. 


Today, we are going to discuss the professional life earnings of the Brit actor. The actor looks as if he needs someone in his life, but what about his professional life, is his professional life complicated too?

Louis Dowler's Net Worth

The ex-partner of the Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet, Louis Dowler has an estimated total net worth of around $10 million.

However, we know that his ex-wife, Jennifer Esposito has a total worth of around $4 million and his ex-partner, Kate Winslet has a total of $45 million. 

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CAPTION: Louis Dowler SOURCE: Instagram

The British model earned his total net worth from his career in the filming industry and his modeling career. Even though the model has not bagged a lot of shows, he has earned a lot from his Burberry campaign and other cover photos. 

Louis Dowler's Fancy wedding

The British actor, Louis Dowler had a nice wedding with his ex-partner, Jennifer Esposito. The couple tied the knot in Newyork after a two and a half years' of relationship in November 2017. The wedding was romantic, and the vibes were all great. 

CAPTION: Louis Dowler and Jennifer Esposito SOURCE: US Weekly

Their wedding had been duly planned out, but more details of the wedding are not known. They had each and every food items gluten-free and all were from their own gluten-free restaurant. 

Louis Dowler's Investment

The actor, Louis Dowler has also entered into the investment field as he once invested in the company of his ex-wife, Jennifer Esposito. Louis had put his money on the bakery business of Jennifer Esposito. He was a member of the company, Jennifer's Way. 

CAPTION: Jennifer Esposito and Louis Dowler walking in the streets of NY SOURCE: News.com.au

The bakery was running in a great way until Louis and Jennifer stayed normal together. But, with their divorce, it just couldn't stay the same as in 2016, Louis, along with the other members of the restaurant shut down the services.

CAPTION: Louis Dowler invested in Jennifer's Way SOURCE: Pinterest

The company had a file suit against it having $42 million to pay for. About the investment failure, the restaurant survived but, it broke the couple's relationship into shards. 

The Brit actor and model has a life many would want to have. But his private life is a problem as he has not been seen with any other girl after getting intimate with his love, ex-wife Jennifer.