Ned Rocknroll and his wife, Kate Winslet, Who he's been married to since 2012, expecting another baby?

March 28, 2016
First Published On: March 28, 2016

Abel Smith, better known as Ned Rocknroll and his beautiful wife Kate Winslet are rumored to be expecting their second child. Ned and Winslet had their first child a couple of years earlier. It is believed that Winslet might be on the way to another baby with her husband as she was seen taking a break from her busy schedule.

Although Kate was supposed to begin shooting for her various upcoming projects, she has not been seen to arrive at the sets. Ned on the other hand has refrained himself from passing any comments on the subject of a possible pregnancy for his wife.

The couple had their first child, Bear Blaze Winslet and they were known to be very excited about conceiving a daughter as their next child. It has been suggested that Bear is also looking forward to having a younger sibling with excitement and joy.

She and her husband Ned have also revealed the secret behind the unusual name they have chosen for their son Bear Blaze. The reason behind the name is Ned and Kate first met in a very unusual circumstance. This being a house fire which destroyed the house she was living in but luckily no person sustained any injury.

Ned and Kate were married a couple of years earlier after dating for a short while. Both Ned and Kate have been known to have married before and Kate has gone through not one but two divorces. Kate has three children in total from her three different marriages. Kate and Ned were married on a very secretive function that was attended only by close friends and family.

Ned, on a professional level is the overseer of the space –travel division of the Virgin Company. He looks after the Virgin Galactic sector of the company. He is not an actor and therefore has not featured on screen be it movies or TV shows so far.

Ned has also clearly indicated that he has no desire to enter the entertainment business for any reason. It has been suggested that he is very busy with his company. Now that in the near future space travel for tourist is going to be a possibility. This most likely is going to star operations from 2020. The company is very busy making preparations for the phenomena.

Ned, unlike Kate does not have any children prior to Bear. Ned is speculated to be somewhere around forty years of age. He stands at a height of five feet six inches.

Ned’s net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $25 million. Most of his earrings have come from his various shares and investments in the Virgin group. He also holds the position of CEO of Virgin Galactic. This is believed to be an independent sector from the Virgin group.