Did Bob Woodruff's Brain Injury Hampered His Professional Career? Know his Personal and Professional Career

Being a journalist looks like an easy professional career option. But, it is not as easy as it looks. If you don't believe me, then just look at the life of Bob Woodruff, an American TV journalist, who almost lost his life due to a life-threatening brain injury. 


Heroes are not only those who stay at the border to save the country, or who save your lives but, heroes are also those who risk their lives for the sake of getting the information moving. Likewise, the TV journalist of ABC News Channel, Bob Woodruff, who is married to Lee Woodruff, should also be called out as a hero after getting recovered from the traumatic bomb blast. Also, we will discuss the injury's hamper in the personal and professional life of Bob Woodruff. 

Bob Woodruff: Injured on the way Baghdad and Recovery from trauma 

Bob Woodruff just succeeded the co-anchor of ABC World News Tonight, Peter Jennings, but in his travel to cover the 2006 Palestinian elections, he was injured severely. The news reporter along with his ABC News team was traveling to Baghdad to meet the troops before the ex-president's address ceremony, George W. Bush's State of the Union Address for 2006. 

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CAPTION: Bob Woodruff with his family SOURCE: Sfchronicle

As they were traveling to Baghdad, a roadside bomb went off and destroyed their ride, injuring all of the riders critically. Even if the host was wearing body armors and protective helmets, Bob got injured seriously in the head.

They were later brought to Bethesda Naval Hospital after some period. During that period, the host went through a head surgery where a part of his skull was removed to certain his safety. 

CAPTION: Road to recovery: Bob Woodruff SOURCE: ABC News

Bob stayed under the influence of a coma for 36 days to help his recovery. On the 7th March 2006, Woodruff was reported to walk and speak in several languages, but still, his condition was not that good.

On 16th March, he was transferred to a hospital near his hometown. Until December of the same year, Bob was fully recovered and traveled back to Iraq to visit the soldiers with whom he was traveling at the time of the accident. 

Effects of injury to Bob Woodruff's Personal and Professional life

With a recovery from such a life threating injury, Bob was bound to have taken it as his second birth. After his recovery, the host took the role of the co-host in the Good Morning America, ABC World News with Charles Gibson. Despite his recovery, he was still suffering from a partial loss of language at times. 


For his injury, the host released a documentary revealing all about the brain injury and the difficulties the war veterans had to face. After a continuous hosting with Charles Gibson, he was transferred to the Nighline show.

After his accident, he also opened up a foundation after his name, Bob Woodruff Foundation, to help the veterans get the highest level of support and resources they deserve. 

CAPTION: Bob Woodruff Foundation Logo SOURCE: Bob Woodruff Foundation

Well, talking about his family life, he had no problems with that. With a supportive and caring family like his, he recovered quickly. He has got some awards for his contribution to the field of journalism with his greatest being the Peabody Award.