Bob Woodruff cancer, salary, married, partner

On Jan 29, 2006, journalist Bob Woodruff was severely injured by roadside bomb that struck his vehicle near Taji, Iraq. He was nearly killed by his brain injury at that time. Though Woodruff was wearing body armor and was in a tank, his head, neck and shoulders were exposed during the blast.

The details about the attacks are still dim, but an improvised explosive device waylaid Woodruff’s fleet. There he had gone there for his reporting assignment on war of U.S. and Iraqi forces for ABC’s “World News Tonight”. The blast laid Woodruff unconscious as his face, jaw and neck were pierced by rocks and metals. His cameraman, Doug Vogt and an Iraqi shoulder were also injured badly.

But Woodruff miraculously recovered after the 13 months of the traumatic brain injury which was nearly like cancer. Woodruff said in a speech in San Diego at the American academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s annual meeting, "How I survived, we still don’t know to this day"

Woodruff is an American Television journalist. Woodruff started his journalism career in the year 1989.He is popularly known for succeeding Peter Jennings as the co-anchor of ABC New’s weekday news broadcast World News Tonight. And merely after the 27 days of success, Wooodruff had to go through the deadly attack.

 The newly appointed news anchor had his re-birth after he got recovered and it was like a miracle for everyone because of his soon recovery from that severe injury. He soon get started into his work after the recovery, he again started to do reporting on different news happening across the world.

On March 7, 2006 Woodruff’s brother reported ABC that Woodruff is slowly recovering and now he is able to walk, recognize his family members and talk in several languages. On April 6, 2006 the ABC reported the news of Woodruff recovery with his photos at home with a letter by Woodruff thanking everyone who supported during his ongoing recovery and he specially thanked the soldiers, doctors and nurses who saved his life.

On February 27, 2007, Woodruff again returned back to air on Good Morning America, ABC World News with Charles Gibson. He also made a documentary film about the experiences of his attacks and injury.

Woodruff, who recovered luckily after his deadly accident had opened his own Foundation named Bob Woodruff Foundation, Helping Heroes on the Homefront.

Woodruff was honored with a Peabody Award on his reporting on the traumatic injury.

Woodruff was married to his partner Lee woodruff. Woodruff’s salary is estimated to be at thousand dollars.

Woodruff, now is at the age of 54 with a good height.