David Cassidy's Love Journey: A Comprehensive List Of Wives And Girlfriends

David Cassidy was a famous actor and musician who became known for his portrayal of Keith Partridge in the 1970s musical sitcom, "The Partridge Family." Unfortunately, he passed away on November 21, 2017, due to complications from liver failure. 

Cassidy had been married to three different women throughout his life. His first spouse was Sue Shifrin. Later on, he tied the knot with Meryl Ann Tanz. Lastly, he was married to Kay Lenz. 

Relationship Status At The Time Of His Death

David Cassidy was not involved in any romantic relationship at the time of his passing on November 21, 2017, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. He faced health challenges, and sadly, he succumbed to liver failure at the age of 67.


David Cassidy and his ex-wife, Sue Shifrin SOURCE: Pinterest

Amid his struggles, Cassidy was navigating life without a current romantic partner. His legacy, however, lives on through the memories of his contributions to the entertainment world.

Previous Marriages

Sue Shifrin

David and Sue Shifrin's marriage spanned from March 30, 1991, to April 27, 2016. It lasted for an impressive 23 years. However, details about how they met, the reasons behind their divorce, and other aspects of their relationship are not widely available in the public domain. 

The privacy surrounding Cassidy and Shifrin's personal life leaves much to the imagination. It's not uncommon for celebrities to keep certain aspects of their personal lives away from the public eye.

Meryl Ann Tanz

Cassidy and Meryl Ann Tanz entered into matrimony on December 15, 1984. Their marriage, however, was relatively short-lived, concluding with a divorce on May 22, 1988. 


David Cassidy and his second wife, Meryl Ann Tanz SOURCE: Pinterest

Meryl played a unique role in David's life. She was his partner in a horse breeding and racing business, as mentioned in an article from Hollywood Life. Besides that, not much info has been disclosed about their time together.

In David's book, "David Cassidy, Fear and Loathing On The Partridge Family Bus," he candidly shared insights into his second marriage with Meryl. According to the late singer, their connection was unique in that they didn't have many common interests except for one significant shared passion – their love for horses. 

Love At First Date

David and Meryl shared a magical beginning to their love story. They fell in love on their very first date. The enchanting evening unfolded when the singer, captivated by her, asked her to dance. 

The dance floor became a canvas for the blossoming connection between Cassidy and Tanz. As the night continued, David took their romance to another level by serenading Meryl. His soulful singing created a moment that would forever be etched in her memory. 

Kay Lenz

Cassidy and Kay Lenz met on a blind date in 1977, as mentioned in an article by Nicki Swift. They embarked on a journey into matrimony, exchanging vows on April 3, 1977. The two married after a mere six weeks of knowing each other. 


David Cassidy and Kay Lenz at an event SOURCE: Pinterest

David and Kay's decision to marry in such a short time frame underscored the intensity of their connection during those initial weeks. The couple soon faced difficulties that led to their eventual divorce on December 28, 1983

Exploring David And His First Wife's Bond

In delving into the connection between David and his first wife, Kay, it becomes clear that their bond was forged during a time of shared vulnerability. 

Both having recently lost their fathers, Cassidy and Lenz found solace in one another's company. Their commonality extended to their chosen profession, both being actors with all the insecurities and self-absorption that often accompany the occupation. 

Amid being lost souls, the former couple discovered a source of joy in each other. The shared experiences of grief, loneliness, and the challenges of the acting world created a foundation upon which the singer and his first wife's relationship blossomed. 

What Ended Cassidy's First Marriage?

David's marriage to Kay faced challenges that eventually led to their divorce. As per him, both of them were immature and had an inherent incompatibility as life partners. 

David reflects on this in his book "David Cassidy, Fear and Loathing On The Partridge Family Bus." The disparities in emotional needs became apparent shortly after their marriage. He felt a significant sacrifice on his part, sensing that the level of emotional involvement he desired wasn't reciprocated by his wife. 

The divergence in priorities became evident as Lenz's career took precedence over their relationship. This meant that their connection often took a backseat. 

David Cassidy's Dating History

David Cassidy's dating history provides a glimpse into the diverse romantic relationships he experienced throughout his life. In the late '90s, he was involved with Tracy Richman, and in the mid-'80s, Sherry Benedon became a significant part of his life. 

The early '70s saw brief encounters with Fredricka Meyers and Robyn Millan. Additionally, Cassidy had notable encounters with Monique Gabrielle in 1993 and Susan Dey in 1974. The early '70s seemed particularly eventful for her, with relationships involving Gina Lollobrigida, Meredith Baxter, and Dee Dee Keel. 


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