Five Amazing Facts You Didn't Know about Susan Dey

Susan Dey is one of the famous American actresses who is highly recognized her for the musical sitcom The Partridge Family where she portrayed the character of Laurie Partridge.  Besides being an actress, she is also a producer.

Susan has been married to Bernard Sofronski since 1988 and is still together without any divorce rumors. The 65-years-old actress has been nominated three times for Emmy Awards and now she has been quite out from the media and her fans are dying to know where she has been now. Here's detail information about Susan Dey.

Five Facts about Susan Dey

Susan Dey was born on December 10, 1952, in Pekin, United States. She attended Columbus Elementary School in Thornwood, and later she moved to Mount Kisco, New York. She graduated from Fox Lane High School in 1970. Susan also worked as a model before she started as Laurie Partridge in the TV series.

Susan Dey- First Film Role

When Susan was 20 years old, she had her first film role in airlines hijack movie, Skyjacked. Fromm 1970-1974, she played as Laurie Partridge in The Partridge Family.

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 In the year 1997, she made for television movie; Mary Jane Harper Cried Last. She portrayed a distributed young mother with a serious psychological problem.

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Susan Dey- Started Career at 17

The actress was only 17 years old when she was offered the role of Laurie Patridge; she won the part without any previous acting experience. And after that, she returned to weekly network television as the co-star of the short sitcom- Love me, Love Me Not.

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Susan Dey- Net Worth

Well talking about her net worth, it looks as if her acting career has treated her well. She made her $10 million fortune with Skyjacked & Blue River.

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According to the Forbes, the actress who is dedicated to succeeding in an acting career, Susan Dey has an estimated net worth around $10 million as of the report of 2017.

Susan Dey- Most Successful Partridge

The Partridge Family's producer decided to finish up with the sitcom in 1974, although it wasn't considered a problem for David Cassidy to find roles in his future their fans were wondering what the rest of the cast has in store.

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But it's lucky for Susan that she probably became the most successful Partridge member after the show was ended.

Susan Dey- Member of Rape Treatment Center

We can see that most of the actor and actress are involved in many social activities, and this actress is also involved as an active member of the Rape Treatment Center at UCLA. She is also the board member and is doing her best to help those needy people.