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Daphne Deckers is Living Happily with her husband Richard Krajicek and Children, Know about her Married Life.

October 9, 2017
First published on:October 9, 2017
by HitBerry

"Tomorrow Never Dies" must not be a new movie you've heard of. You must also know the actor of the movie, James Bond. But do you know who was the actress in the movie? Well, she was Daphne Maurel Deckers. She has not played in many movies as she is just an occasional actress. However, she is famous as "Dutch model" as well as "writer". Today from this article, you will know all about the multi-talented model's husband, her married life and also their children.

Today from this article, you will know all about the multi-talented model's husband, her married life and also their children. She is happily married to her husband for over 18 years now. 18 years is not a short time, one has to try really hard to make their relationship work for these whole years. Let's now know the secret behind the couple's successful married life.

Daphne Deckers married life

The famous Dutch model is married to her longtime husband Richard Krajicek who is a former Dutch tennis player. Richard also won the men's single title being the only Dutch player to have done 'Wimbledon'. Daphne and Deckers started creating history since 1997, dated for about two years and finally tied the knot on 7th July 1999.

A picture of Deckers and Krajicek getting married A picture of Deckers and Krajicek getting married, Souce: Edwin Janssen

Looking at Daphne's social sites, we found out that the couple spends a lot of time together. They frequently go out for vacation, or to eat something new. Look at some of Daphne Deckers Instagram post with her husband.


 Krajicek seems to be very understanding and they both seem to have a very strong bond together, maybe that is why their relationship has lasted this whole time. They have together had two children till date and if you want to know in detail about them, stick with us.

Daphne Deckers and children

The couple has two children in total. The first child was a daughter “Emma Deckers” and second was a son, “Alec Deckers”. The daughter studies at the University of Oregon and she is working as a journalist from Poland. The son has decided to continue his dad’s profession that is tennis. He is currently 17 years of age and he is one of the famous young players from Netherlands.

A picture of Daphne and her family A picture of Daphne and her family, Source: fans share

The above picture clearly shows how happy the family is. Till date, there are no any rumors suggesting their divorce or even misunderstandings. They have been living peacefully for these whole years, let's hope that they stay happy throughout the rest of their lives.

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