Finally, Daniel Mays married his girlfriend Louise Burton, who is also the mother of his children

English actor Daniel Mays might finally be getting married to his long term girlfriend, Louise Burton! Yes, people! Rumor has it that the Atonement star and his girlfriend are planning to get married pretty soon.

A source close to the actor and the mother of his young son, Mylo Burton-Mays, gave us the exclusive details about the couple’s ongoing plan to turn their romantic relationship into a marriage.

The insider, who claimed to have known the lovey-dovey couple for quite some time, revealed that the much in love couple had been thinking of tying the knot for a very long time. But despite being quite eager to begin a proper married life, the couple could hardly give it a thought due to their work commitments, said the source.

“Danny and Louise have been thinking of getting married lately, and if things work out then, they will be getting hitched sometime this year. Though, the ceremony could also be pushed back to early next year,” said the insider.

Daniel Mays and Louise Burton, Source: amazonaws

The anonymous source further revealed: “It is not the first time that these two have had this idea. They have been thinking about marriage for quite a long time. After the birth of their son Mylo and daughter Dixie, the couple decided to give it a shot. But due to Dan’s busy schedule, the wedding could not happen back then.

“And to be frank, a wedding is not that important to them. They are in love and that’s what matters. To them, their son Mylo is a living proof that they truly love each other. Actually, it is Dan’s and Louise’s family, who are quite eager to see them walking down the aisle,” stated the gossip monger.

The gossipmonger explained how the family of both Mays and Burto want to see these two love birds getting married to each other. “They are okay as boyfriend and girlfriend. They can live that way for eternity. But their families want them to get married. The families of the either of the partners would very much love to see Danny and Louise at their wedding, tying the knot” said the source.

“At first, the couple did not take it seriously. They were like parents might keep on insisting, but we will keep on ignoring them. But, after the birth of their baby boy, it became quite impossible for the two to ‘ignore’ their families.

“They would have never decided to have the wedding if not for Mylo and their closed ones,” said the secret informant.

The reliable source also revealed that plans were being made and they might walk down the aisle in the latter half of the year or perhaps earlier next year.

So, if this keen football fan is actually going to exchange wedding vows with his lovely lover, then we hope him and his soon to be wife a wonderful and happy wedded life.The Byzantium star, who has appeared in several movies, TV shows, and stage productions, has an estimated net worth of $5 million.