Cree Summer and husband Angelo Pullen getting a divorce? Another boyfriend on the line?

Actress and voice-over actress Cree Summer and her husband Angelo Pullen had a seemingly perfect marriage. They welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Hero Peregrine, back in February 2013.

 They already had another daughter named Brave Littlewing Pullen. The dotting mother of then 43, now 52, was over the moon with her husband as the adorable baby girl entered the world.

Everything was perfect for the lovely couple and their two angelic children. Until now! According to Hollywood gossipmongers, the pair are no longer in love.

 The proud parents of two were, until recently, everything for each other. They were happily married, unlike other Hollywood couples. But the pair have reportedly lost their affection and love for one another.

Rumor has it that the pair has already decided to split. We are not quite sure what to make of it, as neither Summer nor Pullen has confirmed or denied the rumor.

 A close source has claimed that the once loving couple has started ignoring each other, and the relationship between these two has turned cold.

They look after their kids together, go out shopping with them, and enjoy outings and picnics, but all those fun activities that the husband and wife duo are doing are merely part of their responsibilities as parents. We have been told that the couple is doing them just to make sure that the kids, who are still quite young, would be happy.

Cree CAPTION: Cree Summer has two kids SOURCE: Instagram @iamcreesummer

The informant, who was pretty eager to spill the beans about Summer's private life, said that the couple might even be considering divorce very soon. The informant seemed quite confident while revealing more juicy information that the voice-over actress was seeing someone already.

The actress is said to be dating a man whom the informant called 'her mystery boyfriend.' It is said that the real reason behind Summer and her husband's bad relationship is her secret fling with someone else.

But despite the rumor and the believable revelation from the insider, there is still a thin line that connects the couple together, their children. So is it possible that a compassionate mother and loving wife like Summer could so easily break away from her husband?

If the rumors are indeed true, then what do you think the couple should do to their children? Will they take turns taking care of them? Will they fight for legal custody, or will they simply split the children? It isn't easy to say.

 Though the rumors about their separation are high, their social networking accounts tell a different story. The couple, who is both very active on Twitter and Instagram, have been posting and sharing stuff that shows that Summer and Pullen are still going stronger than ever.

The beautiful actress, who has a net worth of $4 million, recently posted a picture of her and her husband together where she is seen kissing him on his cheeks. So there is still hope that the talk about their split is just a rumor and nothing more.

The family of four lives a lavish life with a high income. We can get more updates regarding their lifestyle by following her on Instagram, where Summer is registered as @iamcreesummer. As of early 2022, Summer has gathered more than 441k followers. From her account, she also updates about her future project. Not to mention, her upcoming project is Run the World, which also stars Amber Stevens West