Corinne Olympios dating Jordan Gielchinsky. Unravel her past affairs and relationships

Corinne Olympios dating Jordan Gielchinnsky currently and their love life tends to make the top chart in the gossip world. Unravel the couple's spicy romance along with Corinne's past affairs and relationships.

American model Corinne is a daughter of James Olympios who is a professional affiliation with ArmorGarage Inc. She is best known being associated with the popular show 'Bachelor in Paradise' and the spinoff 'The Bachelor' Jordan is the businessman owning a cigarette company, Giel York Tobacco Corporation, in North Miami Beach and is also mostly known as a former Bachelor contestant.

Corinne Olympios dating Jordan Gielchinnsky

Five things to know about Corinne's boyfriend says that Corinne and Jordan's relationship began a long time ago. The long history of Corinne and Jordan tells that the couple went to the same high school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and have dated more than 10 years ago.

Corinne Olympios and her boyfriend Jordan Gielchinsky Corinne Olympios and her boyfriend Jordan Gielchinsky Source: Hollywood Life

The couple remained quiet about their affair and did not let the press get a single hint of their courtship. As you know, no matter how long it takes, sooner or later, the truth would come out. In the same way, the pair had to show themselves up with their ongoing love while Jordan had to go through 'BiP' scandal.

In the show, Corinne was sexually assaulted by another contestant named DeMario on the first day of 'BiP' filming as reported by the couple to the press. Jordan believed that his girlfriend Corinne was drunk and did not have a clue on what was going on during the time thus he spoke out denying the fact that she cheated on him.

Thus he protests by shutting down the public views and letting the legal team deal the incident.

Well, the viewers assumed watching the video that Corinne was fully aware of what had happened and she was engaged too with DeMario.

Jordan on the other hand totally support his girl and made a deal with Corinne that he would send back her to the show only if she promises not to get romantically linked with anyone. Fans raise questions like if Jordan is right or love blind.

According to the TMZ, Corinne had a plan to open a pub for her new clothing line and it would be possible only if she participates on the show. That is why Jordan was sending her back even after a huge scandal.

The show also got suspended after the misconduct between the two cast members. Now let's move on to Olympios's dating history!

Corinne Olympios's past affairs and relationships

Corinne's dating timeline is quite vague but her appearance on the show 'BiP' tells a lot about her love life. While she was on the season 21 of 'The Bachelor', she got romantically linked with a contestant named Nick Viall.

The affair did not work out because Nick lived in New York and Corinne in Los Angeles. Though they dated few times as reported by the sources.

Olympios had dated Keith Berman from the same season. The couple's relationship lasted for three years with an on-and-off flame.