Cooper Hefner is living a Lavish Lifestyle; Find out his Net Worth, Salary, Sources of Income, Diamond Ring, and more!

Cooper Hefner, the youngest son of Hugh Hefner has been staying as the current Chief Creative Officer at the Playboy Enterprises. His father has handled him a huge source of income. So, what do you think how much Cooper Hefner's net worth which he has earned and his father left him?


What do you think is the exact figure of Cooper Hefner's net worth? He has been the son of a huge businessman but, now he has to earn his way through and add to what he has got. Let’s look at the net worth of the Chief Creative Officer of the Playboy Enterprises.

Cooper Hefner's Net Worth

Cooper is expected to receive millions of dollars from his father, Huge Hefner who died of natural cause at the age of age 91. Huge had a total estimated net worth of $43 million which will be equally distributed to the four children.

[ CAPTION: Cooper Hefner ]

Besides all this, Huge Hefner had left his youngest son on one of the top positions of the enterprise. Now, Cooper is the Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Enterprises. With that Cooper is also given the new name Prince of Playboy.

[ CAPTION: Cooper Hefner ]

So we can definitely assume how much he will get if it will be distributed among four of his siblings. He will have millions of dollars. He will also definitely add more to it by earning himself as he is already a CCO of Playboy Enterprise.

Cooper Hefner Lifestyle

Being born with a silver spoon, Cooper is living a grand lifestyle. Cooper maintain his social media account active to portrays his lavish lifestyle in which we can see him frequently posting photos of him visiting different cities. Below is a picture of him enjoying a meal at Santa Barbara. 

[ CAPTION: Cooper Hefner enjoying vacation in Santa Barbara ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

 It looks like Cooper is a big fan of animals. As we dug into his Instagram profile we saw a couple of pictures of him holding his pets. He has a double coated German shepherd which in the US market costs above $2000. He also has a pet cat. The category of the cat is not differentiable due to dark pictures, but anyway, the usual price of cats in the US is between $500 to $2000. 

[ CAPTION: Cooper Hefner enjoying with his pet ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]
[ CAPTION: Scarlett Byrne and Cooper Hefner in a beach ]

With all this, we can definitely say that he lives a lavish life. It seems that he spends his money on travel, clothing, and pets. 

Cooper Hefner gifted a diamond ring to his fiancé  

Well, we must have known that Cooper is engaged with his longtime girlfriend, Scarlet Byrne in August 2015. On the day of their engagement, Cooper proposed his fiancé with a diamond ring.

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[ CAPTION: Scarlett Byrne and Cooper Hefner's Engagement ring][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Usually, this type of diamond ring cost more than $20000. And, by looking at the size and shape of the ring, it looks like Princess Diana Ring. The ring costs $38875 and is made of 18-Karat white gold and 14-Karet diamond.