Connie Chung and husband Maury Povich, married since 1984, drifting away from their children

American journalist Connie Chung and her husband of more than 31 years are going through a tough phase in their lives. Don’t worry, the long-term couple is not divorcing or separating.

The problem is the parents of three are having trouble with their children. Rumor has it that Chung and her husband Maury Povich are drifting away from their now adult kids.

The pair is said to be moving apart from their three beloved children: two daughters named Susan and Amy from Povich’s previous marriage with Phyllis Minkoff and an adopted son named Matthew Jay Povich. We came to know about Chung’s plight through a close family friend.

The anonymous source agreed to give us the information but with a few conditions. And here we are, ready to enlighten you all with some facts about the growing distance between the famous parents and their children.

According to the insider, Susan and Amy are grown-ups. They are mature and have already moved on in with their lives. They have their own careers and are hardly dependent on their family.

The informant said: “I don’t know much about the girls. But as far as I know, both of them were born somewhere between 1962 and 1979, during the time their parents got married. So they are already in their thirties and quite independent.”

It also added that the husband and wife duo have contact with the girls every now and then. But both the parents and the girls are so busy with their work and family that they have very little time to spend with each other.

According to the source, the girls are not the one who are the problems. It is their adopted son Matthew, who is trying to distance himself from the family.

The gossipmonger said that the adopted son of the couple is in his early twenties. They took him in after their wedding. Her husband, Povich and she married in 1984 after they met each other while working in the news department at WTTG-TV in Washington. The couple decided to adopt the boy in 1995.

“He was quite young and innocent when the boy became part of Connie’s family for the first time. He was just an infant so it was not so difficult for him to blend in his new environment,” stated the insider.

It added: “The boy was the world to Connie because she didn’t have any desire to have a baby. She was happy with the girls and her new son. But we all know what happens when kids grow up. They change.”

As per the source, the 20 year old young man now wants to leave the nest. Matthew, who is the youngest child for the pair, wants to live on his own, which is proving to be emotionally hard for Connie “Maybe he wants to join college but I don’t know the clear reason.

Connie and Maury have always been so infatuated to him that they were ready to buy a house for him. The TV presenters even want him to inherit their wealth after their death.

Just imagine, there are some who don’t pass on a penny to their own blood and here are these two, who can die for the foster child,” revealed the informant.

But the problem is, Matthew does not want any of it. He has had enough of his parents and now wants to be away from both of them and create his own independent identity.

“He does not want to be known as someone’s kid. He wants to make his own name,” the source explained.

So it looks like the anchor and reporter for the U.S. television news networks NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC, who once sang an absurd song about her husband atop a black piano, is heartbroken by her son decision to fly off the nest.

The informant said that her husband, aged 76 is giving her full support at this hard time of her life.