Claudette Colbert's Love Chronicles: Delving into Her Partners and Romances

Claudette Colbert was renowned actress, known for her comedy works, and became famous for her remarkable performances in classic movies as "It Happened One Night," which earned her an Oscar. Some of her other notable films include "So Proudly We Hail!," "Bluebeard's Eighth Wife," "Since You Went Away," and many more. She was born on September 13, 1903, and her talent and charisma made her beloved figure in golden age of Hollywood. 

Unfortunately, Colbert passed away on July 30, 1996, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire new generations of actors and actresses. Besides her successful career in entertainment industry, she also experienced love and marriage. She was married twice in her lifetime. Her last marriage was to Dr. Joel James Pressman. Previously, she tied knot with Norman Foster

Was Colbert Married When She Died?

No, Claudette Colbert was not married to anyone when she passed away. After successful career in Hollywood, she chose to live on island of Barbados, where she had resided for many years. At time of her death, she was 92 years old.

ClaudetteClaudette Colbert in What's My Line? SOURCE: What's My Line? YouTube Channel

In the year Leanza Cornett became Miss America, i.e. in 1993, Colbert suffered a series of strokes, which led to her health declining. Despite her health challenges, she decided to stay in her beloved Barbados home called Belle-rive, where she spent her final days. On July 30, 1996, at the age of 92, she peacefully passed away in the comfort of her home, leaving behind a legacy that continues to be cherished by her fans and the entertainment industry.

Colbert's Last Husband Was Dr. Joel Pressman

Colbert's last husband was Dr. Joel Pressman, whom she married on December 24, 1935. Interestingly, this was the same year she had divorced her previous husband, Norman Foster. The wedding took place in Yuma, Arizona, and the couple remained devoted to each other until Dr. Pressman's passing on February 26, 1968. Their marriage lasted an impressive 33 years.

During their time together, Claudette and Joel shared many precious moments and faced life's challenges side by side.  Their marriage memory continues to be cherished by those who admire the remarkable actress and her enduring legacy in the world of cinema. Their marriage despite lasting more than three decades wasn't simple but rather complicated.

What Caused Colbert's Husband's Death?

Claudette Colbert's husband, Dr. Joel Pressman died in the same year Ina Garten married Jeffrey Garten. He sadly passed away from liver cancer on February 26, 1968, at the age of 67. His death was heartbreaking moment for all who knew him. He spent his final days in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California, where he received medical care and the support of loved ones. 

ClaudetteClaudette Colbert in Tomorrow is Forever SOURCE: Colorized Cinema C

After his passing, Dr. Pressman was laid to rest at the Godings Bay Church Cemetery in Speightstown, Saint Peter, Barbados. This serene resting place in his beloved Barbados became his final resting place, and his memory lives on in the hearts of those who cherished him. The loss of her husband was significant event in her life, and she undoubtedly carried the memories of their years together with her until the end of her own life in 1996.

So, Who Was Dr. Joel Pressman?

Dr. Joel Pressman was a highly accomplished individual who had a remarkable career as a surgeon at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles). He specialized in ear, nose, and throat medicine and was a respected professor at UCLA as mentioned in an article from the Vanity Fair. His educational achievements were impressive, holding degrees of B.S., M.D., and D.Sci. (Med). 

Throughout his career, Pressman contributed significantly to the medical field, both through his skilled surgical work and his dedication to teaching the next generation of medical professionals. His expertise and commitment to his patients and students earned him admiration and respect within the medical community. His legacy continues to inspire those in the medical field, and his contributions to the advancement of ear, nose, and throat medicine remain a testament to his passion for healing and knowledge.

About Colbert's First Marriage

Colbert's first marriage was to Norman Foster, and they were married from March 13, 1928, until August 22, 1935. Interestingly, they had acted together in a film called "The Barker" (1927), where she played a carnival snake charmer, and he was her co-star. Despite their on-screen chemistry, their real-life relationship faced challenges, and they decided to part ways. 

NormanNorman Foster in Alias The Doctor SOURCE: Rotten Tomatoes YouTube Channel

Colbert and Foster obtained what was often referred to as a "Mexican divorce," meaning they got divorced in Mexico on the grounds of incompatibility as mentioned in an article from El Paso Times. The end of their marriage was undoubtedly a difficult period for both of them, but they remained professional in their careers and continued to excel in the entertainment industry. 

The Love Story Of Colbert And Pressman

The love story of Colbert and Dr. Pressman began when she sought medical help for chronic sinus condition. He was her doctor, having previously treated her first husband, Norman Foster. As they interacted during her visits, their connection grew stronger, and they fell in love. Their unique and charming love story became an enduring example of fate bringing two people together in unexpected ways.

While Colbert and Dr. Pressman didn't have any children, their bond was strong, and he played crucial role as her social companion at various industry and social gatherings. However, as the mid-1950s approached, her life took a new turn. She decided to relocate to New York City and later moved to her estate in Barbados. During this time, their lives started to take different paths, and they found themselves living apart for extended periods. 

Despite the physical distance, Colbert and Dr. Pressman's love for each other remained steadfast, and they continued to cherish the connection they shared over the many years they spent together. His presence in the actress's life undoubtedly left a profound impact on her, and their marriage remains an important chapter in the actress's remarkable journey.

Complicated Marriage With Norman

Claudette Colbert's marriage with Norman Foster indeed had its complexities. Their relationship was considered "different" because despite being married, they opted to lead separate lives in Hollywood. They never shared a home, and she made a rather unconventional decision to live with her mother in Los Angeles instead. This arrangement added an unusual dynamic to their marriage, with each pursuing their careers and personal lives separately. 

INorma Foster directed film I Cover Chinatown SOURCE: YouTube

Despite the challenges, Colbert and Foster remained committed to their work in the film industry and respected each other's choices. While their marriage eventually came to an end, their talents and contributions to Hollywood's golden era continued to shine brightly. Her living with her mother may have been unorthodox, but it reflects the complexity of the choices individuals make to navigate both personal and professional aspects of their lives.

Loved Her First Husband

Claudette Colbert's love for her first husband, Foster, was deep and genuine. Despite their unconventional living arrangement and eventual divorce, she carried a sense of guilt, feeling that she never gave the marriage a fair chance. She believed her mother played a role in the downfall of their relationship, adding to her feelings of regret. Throughout her life, the actress never truly got over him; she cherished the memories of their passionate moments together. 

Those memories represented a time when Colbert felt the most alive and passionate. However, she also realized that if she had remained in the marriage with the actor, she might not have become the iconic woman known to the world. The demands of her career and the transformation into the successful actress she became seemed to subdue her sexual drive, creating a dichotomy between her personal and professional life. 

Other Relationships And Rumors

Throughout her life, Colbert was linked to various relationships and rumors that sparked public curiosity. Some of the notable figures she was reportedly involved with included Paul Henreid in 1957, Joel McCrea in 1943, Charles Boyer in 1937, Clark Gable in 1933, Greta Garbo, Tyrone Power, and Verna Hull. While these relationships were often subjects of speculation and gossip, she maintained a level of privacy about her personal life. 

Apart from the more well-known encounters, there were also reports of Colbert having brief flings with other celebrities like Greg Bautzer in 1946, Kerry Johnson in 1940, Spencer Tracy in 1940, James Stewart in 1939, Gary Cooper from 1930 to 1931, as well as Dita Parlo, Barbara Stanwyck, and Robert Taylor. Her charm and beauty attracted many admirers throughout her career, but she was careful to leave much of her romantic life open to speculation and curiosity.


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