Clare Crawley Told Benoit Beausejour-Savard That She Was Pregnant

Clare Crawley Joking told Benoit Beausejour-Savard that she was nausea and she was pregnant. The whole pregnant scenario took place during the time of love cooking.


The Bachelor Winter Game, Clare & Benoit love cooking ended with smooching and hug. While the love recipe continues cooking the lovebirds enjoyed playing fun games and touching the belly.

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When Clare mocked that she was pregnant the touching part began. Then she pulls up her long sleeves top to see her belly as if there is any noticeable change. Seriously, it looks like they are the next wedding couple before they broke up.

The feeling between the Benoit and Clare was really growing fast. In the kitchen, they were filmed kissing time and again. In fact, both were really enjoying the love cooking. After the kitchen, the pair enjoyed cozy time and chit-chats about what happened earlier.

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Clara expressed that whatever happened in the kitchen it was unexpected. The Bachelor celebrity added that she would not kiss people normally and that also in front of the people.  As per Clare it was really a great time, right thing and called it amazing moments. The amazing moments have now become just memory with the cut-off.

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The bachelor Winter Games on 16 February share on twitter “Breaking News There will be ICE on #TheBachelorWinterGames!! Who will be engaged? Watch it all play out next week!”

The captioned was shared with snap showing a hand with an engagement ring hold by a male partner. The surprise will be revealed in the next episodes.

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