Chelan Simmons Divorced Chris Harrison, wanna know her Current Affairs?

Many of you have known Robin from How I Met Your Mother, but did you know the weather girl, Brandi who used to work with her. No? Then you gotta rewatch the last episode, ‘The Final Page’ because we are going to talk about that special girl. She is none other than Chelan Simmons.

Chelan Simmons has also appeared in many TV series including Kyle XY and The L.A Complex. Funny thing though, she is afraid of horror movies, but she is actually the one scaring others. She has starred in many horror movies, including See No Evil 2 and Wind Chill. Now, about her relationship? Just a hint, Chelan had only two men in her life. Let’s find out who are these men?

Know her Past Relationship

First a brief background about Simmons. She can really scream. Hard to believe? Ask her friends or better rent the movie, Final Destination 3 and see for yourself.

The Canadian based model started acting when she was just 3 years old. Can you believe that? May be acting was in her blood. Initially, she pursued her career as a model but could not continue modeling since she became preoccupied with her acting career plus she was 14 at the time and she had to go to school.

Finally, in 1990, Simmons got her first debut in IT as Laurie Ann Winterbarger. Since then her acting career went on to reach more and more fame.

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Chelan Simmons flaunting her perfect body Chelan Simmons flaunting her perfect body Source:

So ready to know who is the first man to steal her heart? The name is Talula. No, Talula is her dog, but no less than the love of her life. It’s really hard to find about Chelan's past boyfriends because the Scream Queen appears to be very tight-lipped about her relationships and has succeeded till the date.

Chelan with her former husband, Chris Harrison Chelan with her former husband, Chris Harrison Source:

Chris Harrison entered her life in 2004. Chelan had met Harrison on the set of Monster Island and since started dating. In 2009, she married her long-time boyfriend, Chris Harrison. The couple had two beautiful daughters from their marriage before it finally hit the rock bottom years later.

Interesting fact, the actual date of their divorce is unknown and there is literally nothing about Chris Harrison on the internet. Strange thing, isn't it? Something is not right.

Know about her Current Relationship

Chelan was also famous as Gretchen in the show Wonderfalls, which also increased her fan base. After her divorce, the stunning actress focused on her career but apparently, the universe had better plans for her. No wonder she soon met someone and started dating. The love of her life, Greg Street was the mysterious man who dated Chelan after her divorce and at present is her better half.

Chelan Simmons and Greg Street posing in one their marriage pictures Chelan Simmons and Greg Street posing in one their marriage pictures Source:

Street must have done something extraordinary enough to capture her heart. In fact, the story of his proposal sounded so romantic that any girl would have said yes without any second thought. According to the Weddingbells, Greg proposed her in the planetarium in the most romantic way possible.

"There were so many pictures of us and how we met, how he knew that I was the one. I had tears streaming down my cheeks, it was the sweetest thing I had ever experienced. He got down on one knee, proposed to me and slid the most beautiful diamond ring on my finger after I said yes"

The couple used to go to the planetarium often when they were dating. That day, Chelan recalls there were no other people in the planetarium except the two. She did not have a clue. After the show, Greg told her that he wanted to show her a video. The video featured the Coldplay song, ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ along with shooting stars. How did he come up with such an idea? Brilliant man.

Chelan Simmons tweeting news of her daughter Chelan Simmons posting news of her daughter

Their marriage ceremony was not less magnificent, which themed rustic elegant. Chelan and Greg knot the tie on August 29, 2015, followed by her pregnancy in 2016. The romantic couple has a beautiful daughter. Recently she is busy with Coming home for Christmas.