Claire Danes is living a blissful married life with Husband Hugh Dancy and Children

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy have been together for more than a decade and is now happily living a blissful married life with their son.


The actor-actress couple has been in the headlines for the strong bond and relationship they share. In today's particular column, we will let you people know how Claire Danes and husband Hugh Dancy met for the first time. Get know their married life along with child right below:

Claire Danes Married husband Hugh Dancy

Before we move on to how Claire and Hugh are doing currently, let’s first start by knowing how the love story started in the first place. The couple first met back in the year 2007. Like most of the other Hollywood couples, Claire and Hugh also fell in love onscreen in the movie Evening (2007).

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[ CAPTION: Claire Danes gets married to Hugh Dancy ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

In the movie, Danes played the role of Ann Grant. The movie was romantic and emotional and ever since they have been completely inseparable. After dating for over two years they got engaged and seven months later, they got married in September 2009.

[ CAPTION: Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy ][ SOURCE: Closer Weekly ]

So now this makes the couple married for eight years which is quite a long time, especially for Hollywood couples. On 17th December 2012, they welcome a new member of their family, a baby boy, Cyrus Michael Christopher who is currently 5 years old.

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy living happily with their son

Claire Danes and her spouse Hugh Dancy are currently living a happy married life with their son. Neither of them has any rumors of an extramarital affair. In fact, they are often seen hanging out together always in good mood. A few months back, in 2017, Claire was seen playing peekaboo with her son Cyrus.

[ CAPTION: Claire Danes playing with her son ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

The duo celebrated their recent Christmas with a ‘Big Ass Tree’. They are often seen strolling through the streets of Manhattan sharing hugs and kisses which shows that they still have immense love for each other.

[ CAPTION: Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy sharing a sweet kiss ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

Well even though the couple has been together for a long time now, they haven’t been lucky enough to live in the same place for a long time as they have to keep on traveling for different shootings. However, since 2016, the duo revealed that ‘miracles really do happen’ as since then they have been working in the same city.