What does Billy Crudup's ex-girlfriend Mary Louise have to say about the star who dumped her while pregnant to start dating Claire Danes???

HitBerryPublished on   15 Sep, 2015Updated on   17 May, 2021

12 years have passed since Billy Crudup dumped his former girlfriend Mary Louise Parker for his Stage Beauty co-star Claire Danes while she was seven months pregnant. But the pain and the scars that Parker endured are still fresh.

Nothing is more painful than being left alone by your own lover. Parker was seven months pregnant when her boyfriend of six years’ heart started beating for somebody else. Crudup just walked out of her life in 2003 just because he felt his love brewing for the Romeo + Juliet actress Claire Danes. Parker remained quiet for all those years and raised her son William Atticus Parker, now aged 11, on her own. But now, the Tony Award winning actress has decided to break her silence through a memoir called Dear Mr. You.

The Angels of America star announced last year that she would be publishing her memoir in fall this year. The actress who was unceremoniously dumped by her beau is all set to shed some light on the infidelity of her former boyfriend.

The Weeds star, who kept mum for more than a decade will be telling her story to her fans very soon. According to the actress, she has told her story through a series of letters to all the significant men in her life including Crudup, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan and singer Charlie Mars, whom she dated after her break up with the former boyfriend.

Though the actress is said to have written about all of her ex-lovers, it is being said that Crudup would be the prime target in her memoir.  The letters in it are said to be reveal how and why Billy left her on the first place. We do know the whole story, but the memoir is expected to shed light on the cheating incident. After Billy left, Parker was left alone in the state of her pregnancy to raise their child as a single mother.

After the end of their relationship, the Golden Globe winning actress dated actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan from 2006 and got engaged in 2008. But they split after two months.  The Red fame then started dating singer Charlie Mars. Their relationship ended in 2012.

Billy Crudup seemed triumphant in the beginning as he ditched his lady and moved on with actress Danes. But there is a whole lot of dumping and cheating involved in Billy and Danes love affair. Billy was not the only one who cheated on his partner, Danes, for whom Crudup left Parker, also cheated on him with Ben Lee. Danes and Crudup were together for four years when Danes cheated again. She started a fling with Hugh Dancy in 2006. Claire secretly married him in 2009 and now they have a son named Cyrus. Thankfully, she has settled down and there is no hint of divorce to come.

Parker moved on with her life. She is considered one of the most talented actresses of all time and has appeared in several blockbuster movies, TV series and broadway plays. Claire Danes is well settled in her personal life as well. She has been dubbed the queen of small screen, whereas Billy Crudup is struggling to fit in both show biz and in love.

There was a time when women used to die to see Crudup shirtless, showing off his six pack abs. But the time is past when ladies would dream of becoming his wife. Because of the cheating scandal, the number of fans he had totally dropped. He is not active in social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. He has the net worth of $6 million. We guess, that’s what cheaters deserve!!