Christina Ricci's Love Journey: Unveiling Her Husband and Boyfriend List

Christina Ricci has made a lasting impression on audiences through her performances. She is known for her portrayal of Marilyn Thornhill on the TV show "Wednesday," where her dark and quirky character became an instant hit. Some of her other recognizable works are "Casper," "Buffalo '66." and "Now and Then." 

Ricci has also woven a personal tapestry packed with love and relationships. She is presently married to Mark Hampton. Before her marriage with Mark, the actress was married to James Heerdegen. As she continues to embody roles in both her personal and professional existence, she remains a charming figure whose story unfolds with each passing chapter.

Living A Married Life With Mark Hampton

Mark Hampton and Christina Ricci embarked on a unique and memorable wedding bliss journey, They took their love story to the next level when they decided to exchange vows on October 9, 2021. And, they did that in front of a storefront chapel in Van Nuys.

MarkChristina Ricci with her husband, Mark Hampton SOURCE: Mark Hampton Instagram @markhamptonhair

The decision to have a quick and intimate ceremony was not only sweet but also practical, as Christina was nine months pregnant at the time. The couple chose to have a quick and meaningful union, resulting in some beautiful memories that will be etched in their hearts forever. 

Has A Child With Hampton

Ricci and Hampton's marriage went to the next phase with the arrival of her precious daughter, Cleopatra Ricci Hampton. The announcement of Cleo’s birth on December 28, 2021, marked a milestone in her life. At 41, the actress embraced motherhood with grace and joy. 

Cleopatra, or Cleo for short, has certainly been a shining star in the world of Christina and Mark. The actress, who is known for her roles on and off screen, shares a few pictures of her baby on her Instagram, letting fans know the joy and love that fills their family life. 

Previously Married To James Heerdegen

The Marriage

Christina and her ex-husband, James Heerdegen began their journey to wedded bliss on October 26, 2013, in a ceremony that exuded elegance and sophistication. Choosing the elegant Harold Pratt House and Peterson Hall on New York City's Upper East Side as their wedding venue added a timeless charm to their union. 

JamesChristina Ricci and her ex-husband, James Heerdegen SOURCE: Inside Edition YouTube Channel

Surrounded by the grandeur of the city, Ricci and Heerdegen exchanged vows and began a new chapter of their lives together in a ceremony filled with love and joy. Sadly, the marriage didn't go as planned by these two.

How Did Christina And James Cross Paths?

The love tale between Ricci and ex-James Heerdegen has its roots in the world of television. Their paths crossed on the set of ABC's "Pan Am" in 2011, where she held the lead role, captivating audiences with her skills and charm. 

It was in this workplace that Ricci encountered Heerdegen, who changed into working diligently in the Camera and Electrical Department. The serendipity of their assembly amid the lighting fixtures and cameras of the display sparked a connection that transcended the boundaries of their expert roles. 

Was Heerdegen An Abusive Husband?

The once-promising journey of Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen took an unexpected turn, leading to a divorce on June 21, 2021. The dissolution of their marriage was not without its share of unfortunate events. In her legal filing, she revealed that she endured "physical and emotional hardship." and abuse" from him. 

ChristinaChristina Ricci bruised hands SOURCE: Inside Edition YouTube Channel

Ricci alleged that many of these tragedies occurred in front of their son. Six months after the actress began divorce proceedings, she was given a domestic violence restraining order against Heerdegen. According to the actress, this began in late 2019. She also disclosed that not only he used to beat her but also spit and make pig noises to mock her, as reported in Daily Mail. This is one relationship she would hope to forget forever.

Previously Engaged To Owen Benjamin

Christina Ricci's love journey once centered around her engagement to Owen Benjamin. It was a chapter that began in March 2009 but ended just two months later. Despite the brief engagement, the couple decided to separate amicably, showing maturity and understanding in the changing circumstances. 

The decision to call off the engagement was mutual. And reports indicate that there are no lingering hard feelings between Christina and Owen. Surprisingly, the two managed to maintain a friendship even after their romantic paths diverged. The ability to navigate the intricacies of love and separation with grace reflects a level of maturity that is often rare in celebrity relationships.

How Had Ricci Met Benjamin?

Ricci and Benjamin's romantic journey traces back to the captivating world of filmmaking when they first crossed paths on the set of "All's Faire in Love," as reported in Daily News. Their meeting was serendipitous, with him taking on the role of the charming character Will Pepperidge, while she embodied the enchanting Kate Miller. 

The shared experience of bringing these characters to life on the big screen laid the foundation for a connection that transcended the boundaries of Owen and Christina's roles. The magical atmosphere of the film set, where knights and fairytale elements blended seamlessly, seemed to set the stage for the beginning of their own love story. 

Previous Relationships Of The Actress

Christina Ricci's romantic history has woven a tapestry of relationships with splendid figures. From her dating days with Curtis Buchanan between 2009 and 2011 to her fling with Kick Gurry in 2007-2008, each relationship represents a unique chapter in the actress's adventure. 

The list includes a short connection with Chris Evans in 2007, a longstanding partnership with Adam Goldberg that spanned from 2003 to 2007, and a romance with Matthew Frauman that spread out between 1999 and 2001. Even in her earlier years, Christina's love existence included a younger liaison with Devon Sawa from 1994 to 1995. Her romantic adventure has been as diverse and exciting as the characters she brings to existence on display.


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