Is Christina Milian single after her divorce? Know her current affairs

June 29, 2017
First published on:June 29, 2017
by HitBerry

Christine Flores, better known as Christina Millian, is an established and common American singer, songwriter and actress if you interested in the Hollywood entertainment. Milian is popular for her singing career but also has presented impressive acting skills.

Christina Milian is always talked about sharing numerous relationships. After her divorce with The Dream, she has gone through ups and downs in dating life. Figure out whether Milian is single or seeing someone at the moment. Know who she is.

Who is Christina Milian?

The birth name of Christina Milian is Christina Flores. She was born on September 26, 1981, and is an American singer, actress, and songwriter. Milian released her first self-titled debut album in 2001 that features the singles "AM to PM" and "When You Look at Me".

Christina Milian Christina Milian

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