Chris Chelios and his wife, Tracee's son, Jake wants to make a name for himself.

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Chris Chelios and his wife, Tracee are very happy that their son Jake is following in his father’s footsteps to becoming a professional hockey player. However, what is more interesting is he is seeking to make a name for him and not be over shadowed by his father’s achievements.

Chris now is a retired legend of American ice hockey. Who was once dubbed as being among the best defenseman the game has seen. He is already a hall of fame inductee and three time Olympic medal winner. Twice being silver and one gold.

Chelios was once the most feared defenseman in the game. He was widely respected for his swiftness and physique. This enabled him to be agile in a way that was unique on its own.

He also holds the record for the most number of games played by an individual on an international competitive level.

Jake, on the other hand is a talented player but is a long way from where his dad was. He has been showing potential and his dad has been helping him consistently. He has already begun playing professional and even played alongside his dad.

However, as of now he seems to be having a problem getting the adequate game time he deserves. This may be due to the reason that although having a superior physique than his father he is known to get complacent once in a while in between games.

What other think about his game

His previous coaches have mentioned that when he loses attention and intensity he could be a huge drawback for the team while he holds a very important position on the ice. However when he is focused he can be without a doubt the best player on the pitch.

Jake has also been receiving insurmountable help and advice from his dad. Chris has said how he loves watching Jake play and he has been there for each and every game I which his son has played in.

Jake has said his goal is if not surpass his father’s accomplishment. He wants to meet it at point. Many who have seen him play believe after he is able to concentrate better in the game and in the years to come he will definitely prove to be a better player than his father.

Chris married his wife Tracee in 1987. However they met while they were in college and now have four children Dean, Caley, Tara and Jake. It has been rumored that only Jake from all of his children are interested in ice hockey while others have differing interest.

Chris’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $20 million. He is known to have made his money through real-estate with his numerous houses. The most popular being his house in Malibu.

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