Is Chicago Bears player Jay Cutler Retiring from NFL? Know his Career and Net Worth

Jay Christopher Cutler; an American football quarterback of the National Football League for the Chicago Bears. He also played college football at Vanderbilt and was drafted in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos.

The saddest part about every sport the retirement of the players you admire and love the most. Up above the topic, Jay Cutler is rumored to be retiring from NFL. Know more about the topic. Also, know his career and net worth…

Is Chicago Bears player Jay Cutler Retiring from NFL?

Frankly, the newsfeed is all covered with the retirement of Chicago Bears Jay Cutler. All above his retirement rumors, he is actually walking away from the NFL for good. Ian Rapoport explained on NFL Total Access:

"(He's) one of the several veterans who is still considering whether they want to play, whether they want to not play, retire, walk away,"

"A lot of things in play here for Jay Cutler."

Jay has played 11 NFL Seasons and 8 of them have been in Chicago. Jay was limited to play only five games in the year 2016 and he was also said to be one of the worst starting quarterbacks. If Chicago Bears do not find a perfect trade partner, they will release Cutler.

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

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Just after few days of knowing Chicago Bears shopping Jay Cutler, we also came to know that Jay is not interested in any trade. Bleacher Report's Jason Cole reveals:

"Several NFL general managers believe Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler won't accept a trade by the Bears to any team,"

 "Even if he would want to play for a potential trade partner, don't expect Cutler to go along with a plan that would hurt that team's ability to build around him. Cutler is under no obligation to pay back any money if he retires."

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

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Jay Cutler's Career and Net worth

Before going to Jay's net worth, let's discuss his career journey. Jay studied at Vanderbilt University where he started playing. When he was selected by Denver Broncos in the first round of 2006 NFL Draft his professional football career started.

After playing three seasons in Broncos, he got the chance to play for the Pro Bowl. Later in 2009 he was sent to Chicago Bears and played as the team's quarterback. He is now rumored for his retirement as he might be trading by Chicago Bears.

It's really been a long time that Chicago Bears player Jay Cutler has been active in the ground. Jay has always been estimated to have a huge amount and yes he does have a huge net worth. According to, Jay Cutler is estimated to have around $30 million net worth. According to Spotrac, he has already earned more than $112,196,087 during his career.

Jay Cutler with Kristin Cavallari

Jay Cutler with Kristin Cavallari

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