Chadwick Boseman Wakanda Salute And powerful Speech At Howard University Graduation

May 13, 2018

The Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman gives inspiring Wakanda salute and powerful speech returning to his alma mater Howard University on May 12, 2018.


Chadwick Boseman delivered a powerful commencement speech along with Wakanda Salute from his blockbuster film The Black Panther at Howard University on Saturday, May 12, applauding student for the victory in on-campus protest and concludes describing his the initial struggles as a black actor.

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As we all know his Wakanda salute is all the rage over Social media around the world and we have seen him doing most of the time and was photographed doing it on Howard University yesterday. We can hear the loud cheer when he takes the stage at the university and by now we all know why he loves doing the salute.

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Boseman standing in the stage begins to share his experience for the graduating class.

Almost anything can happen here,” he begins sharing the words of wisdom and encouragement. He also asserted the traditional university call “HU” and the crowd responded, “You Know.”

Things You must know Chadwick Boseman said in the Howard University’s Graduation.

He opens up about young Chadwick Boseman walking across Howard lost in his own world. When he raised his head reaching the center of the yard his eyes meet famed Muhammad Ali who raises his fists. He explained the brief moment before they escorted him away-

I still remember when I was walking across the yard and I saw Muhammad Ali walking towards me with his hands raised in a quintessential guard. I was game to play along with him.” He continued “What an honor to be challenged by the G.O.A.T. I walked away floating like a butterfly walked away light and ready to take on the world.”  He says this is the magic and be prepared anything can happen.

The actor reveals he heard that someone calling Howard’s campus, Wakanda University. Describing the unique difficulties, he says Howard’s Campus has several names the mecca, the hilltop and it takes only one-hour leg walk to know how it got the name hilltop. And he believes besides the physical name it is the reason why all today listening to his speech are here climbing the slope for 4 years.

 “For over the past, the university was built on the hilltop to convey the message we should struggle to receive enlightenment.”

After learning about the excitement that comes to everyone with graduation, he urges the graduates to know the purpose of why they are here and better focus to get graduate with honors than consumed by the celebration referring “parties last night.” He also wants them to celebrate and “savor the taste of their triumphs today,” and not to swallow the whole moment but to realize how they come up to the hilltop.

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Boseman spoke out every obstacle he has faced and reflects the moment with Muhammad Ali before concluding the speech “God Bless you, I love you Howard, Howard Forever.