Cate Blanchett jokes about playing Melania Trump; Know about her Married Life and Children

January 28, 2018
First Published On: January 28, 2018

Recently Catt Blanchett hit headline as she made a joke relating to the First lady of America at the World Economic Forum 2018 annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. But hey she did not mean that literally. 

The stunningly beautiful actress is married and unbelievably a mother of four. Make sure you reach until the end of the page to know her recipe for love.

Cate Blanchett Makes Everyone Laugh With Her Melanie Trump Joke

But first thing first, Cate reached Davos, Switzerland on 23rd January for a WEF meeting since she is a goodwill ambassador of United Nations’s refugee agency.

In between the event, she tried to lighten the ambiance while she was speaking about refugees. She told that she might be playing Melanie Trump in the movie.

[ CAPTION: Cate Blanchett at the WEF ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

The Aussie actress who turned 48 this year, further told in an interview with New York Times reporter,

“When I’m playing a character I think you have to present people warts and all.”

She again cleared that not that she could actually be playing the role. However she continued,

"I wouldn’t be necessarily coming from the place of 'Free Melania.'”

The Aviator star was also clever enough not to mention the president, Donald Trump’s name instead indirectly only hinted him.

“What does she[Melanie] think? What’s it like being married to - you know.”

Youtube: Watch in detail Cate Blanchett receiving awards at the World Economic Forum

In the event, WEF honored Blanchett along with singer, Elton John and Shah Rukh Khan, a very popular Bollywood actor for their extraordinary contribution to raising awareness about human rights.

Cate Blanchett is Married and Mum to Four Children

Cate is a happily married wife. The brilliant actress tied the knot with her spouse, Andrew Uptown in the year 1997. The couple shares four children together, three being their own biological children. Their youngest daughter, Edith was adopted in February 2015 after they received a call enquiring that a baby needed a home.

The couple had their first child, Dashiell John Uptown on December 3rd, 2001, a second son, Ignatius Martin Upton on April 3rd, 2008 and the youngest son is called Roman Robert Upton born on April 23, 2004.

[ CAPTION: Cate and her husband welcomed their first son, Dashiell ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Amidst her busy schedule, she even takes time for her children. In fact, the busy mom even took a break in December 2015 to look after the two-year-old toddler. So Cate is a very responsible mom, that's given. She is also pictured on several occasions taking her children out for a stroll, sometimes to games.

[ CAPTION: Cate takes her sons to a basketball game in NYC on November 2016 ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

In fact, once she also took her younger children, Edith and Ignatius on the set while she was shooting for the movie, Ocean's Eight due to be released in June 2018.

[ CAPTION: Cate Blanchett brings her daughter to the set of Ocean' ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

Now let's talk about her husband? Andrew used to work in theatre in the 90s around the time he met her. Now he is a successful playwright, screenwriter, and director. They both share Dirty Films Production Company together.

How Cate Married Husband Andrew Uptown

Here's how they got married. They met while shooting for an Australian TV show. Cate admitted that it was not love at first sight and not a fan of each other. They actually kissed on the spur of the moment.

[ CAPTION: Happy Cate Blanchett holds her husband_s face at 20th A ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

Blanchett got engaged to her husband, Andrew exactly after three days they met. Cate added a sense of humor to her love story.

As they lay together after three days of saying yes to her new boyfriend, she thought he was going to propose her for the Wedding, but instead, he said,

"No, I’m hungry do you want to go get something to eat?"

Imagine that! However, Andrew did propose her after three weeks, and Blanchett without a flinch said yes. She said in the Ellen DeGeneres that she prepared him the worst meal. But Andrew has survived 20 years. Maybe because Cate has some secret recipe for love.

Youtube: Cate Blanchett shares love recipe

The couple even after being together for two decades still is madly in love with each other as they are seen showcasing their affection public often. They even did not mind sharing a passionate kiss at an award ceremony.

[ CAPTION: Wow! Now this is how you should kiss your husband ][ SOURCE: usmagazine ]

Recently Cate Blanchett appeared in the blockbuster hit movie, Thor: Ragnarok. Cate has appeared in many hit movies over the years including Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age for which she won double awards: the BAFTA Award for Best Actress, the Golden Globe Award.