Carrie Fletcher Started Dating Pete Bucknall; Know in Detail about her Affairs and Relationship

ElsaPublished on   18 Jan, 2018Updated on   18 Jan, 2018

"Getting through those past experience just means I’m more prepared for the future", says a young vlogger, Carrie Fletcher. If you have watched her vlog, then you might know she is a sweet and voracious bookworm.

The cute bookworm, actress, and author has garnered millions of fans through her videos. Here you will get to know if her heart is hooked on another bookworm or a nerd like her? Stay till the end because the story might be just the opposite.

Carrie Fletcher Dated Pete Bucknall 

Carrie Hope Fletcher with over 47k Instagram followers is a Youtuber, who earns millions by uploading videos on YouTube, some of her singing, some are of giving bits of advice and others are of her day to day activities.

Apart from YouTube, she is obsessed with books. If she was not already earning enough from Youtube, she started writing books.

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[ CAPTION: Carrie Hope is seen exciting with her new book, All I know now ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Her first book, All I Know Now was published in 2015 which is a part-memoir, part-advice. Carrie Fletcher is a versatile personality. Apart from being a YouTuber, writer, singer, she is also a brilliant actress. In fact, she loves to perform in theatres.

[ CAPTION: Carrie will be reading on April 1st, 2018 ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

If you watch the play Les Miserables, her passion and love for the drama can be seen through her performance. She played Eponine in the popular musical. Recently she also played Wednesday Adams from the Adams Family. Now let's move on to her love life. Our Carrie was once in love with Pete Bucknall back in 2015.

[ CAPTION: Carrie and Potts ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

In fact, he was her inspiration for the book, All I Know Now. When she talked about him in an interview, you can see joy clearly spread on her face. Even though they had not announced their relationship officially, it was apparent from the posts and involvement of Pete in her videos.

[ CAPTION: Carrie Fletcher and Pete as Rapunzel and Flynn ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

When asked why they did not make it official, she told,

I didn’t feel like there needed to be a big announcement that we’re together.

She also explained that when people find out their favorite person is dating, they wish that they stay together but when the relationship goes wrong, they feel like their favorite show has ended. While Carrie is like an open book there's a limit. She does not want to share her personal things online.

“I wouldn’t go around telling random people on the street personal things about myself. ”

Carrie posted pictures of them together on her Instagram even when Pete went for an audition, she went with him.

Fletcher Broke Up With Her Boyfriend, Pete

Carrie and Pete seemed like an inseparable couple as they did almost everything together but good things come to an end someday. We exactly do not know when and how their relationship ended but she is single now. Carrie who even sang with The Vamps broke the news of their separation on Tumbler.

[ CAPTION: Carrie Hope with her former boyfriend, Pete Bucknall at ][ SOURCE: Pintererst ]

And Carrie appears like she has already moved on. Good for her. As she has learned now how to handle bad comments, likewise knows it's not the end of the world. 

Although her fans are sad that the relationship ended, some good things also came out of. As they say, with age comes wisdom, Fletcher has gained more experience as she told herself that her relationship with Pete helped her gain knowledge.

Something might not have worked between them. She did not share the reason behind their break up. But there might be someone better waiting for her.

Is Carrie Hope Already Dating Someone?

Her fans are already assuming that her best friend, Oliver might be her next boyfriend. In almost every picture, Hope is seen with him almost in all her Instagram pictures. He knows how to make her laugh. 

[ CAPTION: Is Fletcher dating Oliver? ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Both seem to be always together whether in plays or festival. In a picture, Oliver is seen planting a kiss on her cheek. Maybe he was there when Carrie needed a shoulder to cry on after her break up with Pete.

There's no debating that they do indeed exhibit an awesome chemistry. Whether they are really dating or not, it's not confirmed but she would surely share the news at some point. However, at the moment, Carrie admits herself that she could not have a better friend than him.

[ CAPTION: Carrie wished Oliver on his birthday ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

So they might be friends for now. Who knows their friendship might grow into love like Bethenny Frankel who is dating Denise Shields. They had been friends for 27 years.

So there are high chances of them dating but let's wait. Maybe she is not ready or she is more focused on her career. Till then we should respect her privacy.