Cardi B confirms Her Pregnancy In SNL But What About The Gender, Know More

Cardi B shocked everyone when she confirmed on Saturday Night Live that she was pregnant with Offset baby. Baby and a new album sound rocking year for Cardi B.


When Cardi B appeared on Saturday Night Live with Chadwick Boseman the whole internet was talking and this time it was not just her new album Invasion of Privacy but her pregnancy bump. Her belly looked big and as we supposed it was the baby bump.

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Before the announcement, she dressed in an impeccable gown trying to hide her huge belly but can’t keep it secret for a long time. Now we knew why she was so much excited to appear in SNL. She planned the day for the special announcement.


SNL also congrats Cardi B.


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When Cardi B decided to remain silent her fiance posted a lovely picture where we can see both holding each other hands looking at one another eye with a happy face. The gender of the upcoming baby is still secret.

Soon after she thrilled the whole world with the news, congratulation started to pour on her Twitter. Not only that she turned to be a trending topic on Twitter.



Mother-to-be Cardi B decided to announce her pregnancy in SNL rather than in social media which send social media into a frenzy.