Five Facts you need to know about Cardi B

January 31, 2018
First Published On: January 31, 2018
by Jessica Gomez

An American rapper and singer, Belcalis Almanzar AKA Cardi B is making her name for herself in the music industry with her hit song- Bodak Yellow. Read out for every interesting fact which you need to know about the reality star and singer, Cardi B.


One of the hottest female rappers, Cardi started her career as an exotic dancer with an IDGAF attitude which builds her a huge following on the video-sharing platform Vine. Here are five interesting facts you should know about Cardi B.

Five facts about Cardi B

Cardia B was born on October 11, 1992, in The Bronx, New York. She spent lots of time at her grandmother’s home. She attends Renaissance High School for Musical Theater & Technology- a small school on the Herbert H. Lehman Campus. At the age of 19, she was employed at a supermarket in Lower Manhattan. In 2015, she made her music video with the song Cheap Ass Weave.

Cardi B- Gained fame via Social Media

In the year 2013, Cardi gained huge followers on her Instagram, vine for posting hilarious videos of herself addressing spanning topics from sex to hates to money. One of her famous video which was posted in 2014 shows Cardi made up in a tight dress. She was promoting one of her winter club appearances.

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She coined one of the famous quotes: Canada, it’s cold outside but I’M still looking like a throttle. Do you wanna look? Here’s is it:

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Cardi B- Worked in a Strip Club

This famous personality began stripping at the age of 19 in order to earn money which could help her to escape from an abusive relationship with her lover. She shared with VladTv that she was poor as hell. She was living with her ex-boyfriend and his mother and the moment was very crazy for her. She also had to drop out of school.

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The moment was so crazy because lots of people make so negative as she was a stripping dancer. And at present, she admits it’s still a fun place to visit and it is her favorite place for a night out.

Cardi B- Second Solo Female Rapper

With the smash hits- Bodak Yellow, Cardi B has made a record as the second solo female rap artist ever to top the top the Billboard Singles Chart. And after her achievement, she shared a video saying that she learned she was no. 1.

[ CAPTION: Cardi B ][ SOURCE: Billboard ]

Cardi B’s smash- Bodak Yellow reached the highest spot possible on the Hot 100 and kicked Taylor Swift- Look What you made me do off the throne. And by reaching the peak, Cardia made a history in some way to be one of only five female rappers in history to reach on the Hot 100.

Cardi B- Has own way of Shutting Down Haters

Cardi confessed that the haters from internet trolls were so crazy that she almost stopped making videos. But she has her own way of silencing them and it’s due to being raised in NYC Borough. During an interview with The Fader, she said:

I’m from the Bronx, and in the Bronx, when we go to school, there’s something that we do that’s called ‘cutting ass”. People say roasting or flaming but that’s what we call it. I’m so quick with it, it’s not even funny. Nothing is off limits. Don’t try to play me.

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Cardi B- Is of Christian faith

It’s true that Cardi B is of Christian faith that she believes in God and Jesus Christ. During an interview, she mentioned about her strong relationship with GOD and often said that she talks to HIM. She has a very deep connection with GOD and he really helps her.