Canadian Figure Skaters: Scott Moir And Tessa Virtue Unique Relationship

Ice Dancer Scott Moris and Tessa Virtue is a really protective partner which makes their relationship unique.


The on-ice chemistry during 2018 Winter Olympics let the partner to internet speculation of being romantically attached. The ice dancer knows that they are under internet investigation about their relationship.

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Having fans so much invested in Moir & Tessa relationship feels like praise to their skating talent and romantic chemistry.

Talking at a press conference Moir jokingly told: “Relationship status is none of your business.” Listening to the statement Virtue sitting next him burst in laugh.

He added “But I can say that the last two years we’ve been in a very committed relationship with our sport.

Moir describes himself including partner Virtue that we are the athletes who are really committed to sports. He clarifies, so when would we find time for dating and relationship.

The figure skaters ignore the relationship talks and insist to be a better skating partner rather than what the internet investigation has imagined. They have spent 20 years working together.

He describes it needs a lot of hard work to open communication but accepts some undeniable chemistry.

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The unique chemistry has won Moir & Virtue two gold medal including Vancouver in 2010 and a silver medal back in Sochi in 2014.