Redmond Gerard, the new face of snowboarding. Know all about his relationship.

For all the viewers, it would just be a Gold Medal but for the winner it is life. Redmond Gerard is the youngest and first person to win the gold medal for American in the Winter Olympics in 2018. Well, after being the public face lots of us wants to know about his relationship status.


Well, today on this topic, we are going to reveal the whole story of Redmond who played with dedication since the age of two. We will also discuss his personal life and relationship. So stay tuned with us.

Redmond Gerard, the new face of snowboarding  

Redmond Gerard who competes in the slopestyle snowboarding for the United States at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics is a gold medalist. He has become the first person to win the title for the team USA.


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Redmond is now one of the youngest athletes to win the gold medal at Winter Olympics since 1982. Not only that, he also got the recognition at a young age of seventeen. You might get shocked after listening that he began snowboarding at the age of two but it’s true.

Redmond Gerard’s Personal life

The young athlete, Redmond has not shared much about his personal life in public. If we view his social media, we can see a lot of pictures of him, updating fans about his adventures.

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After viewing all his media profile, we can assume that how much dedicated and hardworking he is in his profession. Maybe he wants to focus on his career and achieve lots of success early on. Well if you are searching for his love life then he is single. It seems like a right thing for such a young age.

Redmond Gerard’s family relationship

Well if we dig into his family life, he was born in a big family. He has very good bonding with his family. He is one of the seven siblings of his parents, Jen Gerard and Conrad. Among the seven children of his parents, he as four brothers: Brendan, Creighton, Malachi and Trevor and two sisters: Teighan and Asher. He seems like a responsible big brother as we can see it in most of his post on Instagram. 

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[ CAPTION: Redmond Gerard with his mother and sister ]

[ CAPTION: Redmond Gerard with his brother ]

His parents have supported him a lot to make his career. His family has built a snowboard park in his backyard. If we view the Twitter post of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team, then we can assume how his family supported his career and how his family is excited about his game.