Best Halloween Costumes in 2017 so far!

Let's have a look at celebs and their Halloween costumes in 2017. But one thing though, this is based on the Musical-artist theme only. So those who appeared as a musical artist were the only valid contestant.

Which celebrity gained the most popularity for their costume? Some celebrities have to struggle really hard to come up with the ideas for their costume whereas for some its like cake walk.

So here are some stars, couples and TV personalities who could make to the list of best Halloween costumes based on the theme Musical artist so far this year.

Of course, the theme for Halloween has always been horror or thriller. With the time, most of the Hollywood stars have opted to appear as another artist or movie character for their Halloween costumes.

This year witnessed several personalities sticking with the Musical-artist theme. For instance this year, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian appeared as the legendary queen, Madonna and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson respectively.

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian dressed up as Michael Jackson Madonna Kourtney and Kim Kardashian dressed up as Michael Jackson Madonna Source:

This was her second costume this year by the way. Kim had paid tribute to late singer Aaliyah and honor to the Believe Singer, Cher as well.

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While Heidi Klum also paid homage to Michael Jackson but in a different way. You might remember the Thriller music video of MJ. Yes, she was able to copy the crazy character in the Thriller video.

Heidi Klum at her Halloween Party at Moxy Times Square Heidi Klum at her Halloween Party at Moxy Times Square Source:


Kim and Heidi were not the only ones. American rapper Big Sean was also in the Michael Jackson team this time. But it appears as if he did not put much effort into it as compared to other contenders, Kim and Heidi.

Source: Instagram

Similarly, Demi Lovato also decided to pay tribute to Selena Quintanilla via Halloween. She posted herself as the late actress Selena on SnapChat. The 25-year-old singer almost looked her twin with a purple sequined jumpsuit and a long black wig.

Source: SnapChat

American model Cynthia Bailey seems to be into rapper 50 Cent. All things aside, she definitely nailed it, except for some features like height and ...(Let's not say other things).

Source: Instagram

Likewise, Singer and model Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z transformed into rapper Lil' Kim & Notorious B.I.G respectively for a Halloween party hosted by Kelly. Umm, again the couple seemed lazy.

Source: Instagram

Certainly, the most adapted theme was the Musical artist theme. Another rapper Chance also donned as the famous rapper Tupac as seen from his Twitter post.

Source: Twitter

English singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding preferred to choose the famous county music singer, Dolly Parton. The 30-year-old singer popular for her song 'Love me like you do' posted a picture of herself 71-year-old singer in her Instagram.

Source: Instagram

Not only Hollywood celebs but television personalities were not so far behind when it comes to Halloween. Last Tuesday, on morning TV, Today journalist and co-host Matt Lauer again opted as a female star this Halloween too. Guess who? Dolly Parton. Luckily for Ellie, he is a man, else the competition could be tough.

Matt as Dolly Matt as Dolly  Source:

On the other hand, the American journalist for Today and former defense attorney, Megyn Kelly was also for the country-music-theme team. Megyn dressed up Still the One singer, Shania Twain.

Source: Instagram

Kelly must have panicked because Shania Twain herself was present at the show. But after Shania said

 You look so perfect.

Kelly felt relieved. That's all for now. The list could go on and on if all the celebrities were to mentioned. Let's keep them aside for other interesting themes or say titles. So stay tuned.