Ben Foster's Love Journey: Unraveling His Wife and Girlfriend List

Ben Foster is an actor celebrated for his brilliant performances in movies such as "Hell or High Water," "3:10 to Yuma," "The Messenger," and "Leave No Trace." With his versatile performing talents, his effects embody the characters he portrays, charming audiences and critics alike. 

Foster has observed happiness in his private life as well. He tied the knot with the lovable Laura Prepon, and their adventure as a married couple began in 2018. As they navigate the adventures of marriage together, it is clear that the couple brings equal determination and commitment to their private lives as Ben does to his craft on the huge display screen.

Enjoying A Married Life With Laura Prepon

Ben Foster's adventure into married life with Laura Prepon is a heartwarming story that started on June 3, 2018. The announcement of their union was known sweetly, as she took to her Instagram to share the joyous news with the fans. 

LauraBen Foster with his wife, Laura Prepon SOURCE: Laura Prepon Instagram @lauraprepon

The tale of Foster and Prepon had earlier chapters, with the couple getting engaged in October 2016. The engagement set the level for the unfolding love story that culminated in a beautiful wedding. As they look to build their life together, it is glaring that their love story is a mix of sweet moments, shared goals, and the anticipation of a future full of love and laughter.

A Lifelong Story From Teenage Days

Foster and Prepon have a wonderful relationship dating back to their teenage years when they first crossed paths at the young age of 18. Despite the familiarity of their first meeting, the spark of love did not light up their lives until the pivotal year of 2016. 

Ben and Laura might have become more than friends at the perfect time. The transition from longtime friends to romantic partners was a turning point in their relationship, marking a new chapter in the story written from their youth years of friendship cemented their bond with a touch of developing self-being.

Has Kids With His Wife

Foster and Prepon have embraced the adventurous journey of parenthood, bringing two kids laughter and love into their lives. Their first bundle of joy, daughter Ella Foster, came into the world in March 2017, filling their home with warmth and joy. The family has also expanded with the arrival of a second child, a son, in February 2020. 

EllaBen Foster's kids, Ella Foster and his son SOURCE: Laura Prepon Instagram @lauraprepon

Interestingly, Ben and Laura have chosen to keep their son’s name a preferred secret until the time is right for a heartfelt conversation about how will be shared in public. Laura, who enjoys documenting the beautiful moments of her family's life on social media, has a few candid snaps of her kids. However, their kid's face hasn't been disclosed. 

The Miscarriage That Affected The Couple

Laura Prepon bravely faced a difficult time in her life between the joyous arrival of her daughter Ella and the birth of her son. In a candid interview with Us Weekly, she spoke about her healing journey after suffering a traumatic miscarriage. The actress revealed that during this difficult time, she turned to self-talk as a means of emotional recovery. 

Because Foster's wife loved herself and was flexible, she made it a daily routine to show and appreciate every part of her body. Laura held every part of her body, expressing genuine love and gratitude, saying "I love you" to every inch of her arms, head, face, neck, and of herself. This intentional self-love became a healing process and helped her deal with the emotional challenges of the miscarriage. 

Getting To Know Foster's Wife

Celebrated for her iconic roles as Donna Pinciotti on "That '70s Show" and Alex Vause in "Orange Is the New Black," actress Laura Pripon is not only a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. She is also a Hollywood culinary enthusiast. 

LauraLaura Prepon in NYC SOURCE: Laura Prepon Instagram @lauraprepon

Beyond the glitz as well as beauty, Laura found passion and creativity in the kitchen, which led her to found her business, Prepon Kitchen. This project reflects her love for cooking and her desire to share delicious and healthy recipes with others. 

Past Relationships Of The Actor

Karen Elson

Foster, once found himself romantically connected to the talented British singer-songwriter Karen Elson back in 2014. Their budding courting sparked a big buzz when they were spotted in various locations around New York, charming the eye of lovers and media alike. 

For about nine months, Ben and Karen shared moments of companionship and intrigue, their connection glaring inside the public eye. However, as the seasons changed toward the end of 2015, so did the repute of their relationship. Despite the shared experiences and time together, the former couple decided to part ways.

Zoë Kravitz

It was rumored many years ago that Zoë Kravitz and Ben Foster may also have been an item between 2007 and 2008. The whispers of their feasible connection have become a topic of interest for fanatics, especially given their occasional joint appearances on various occasions, each within the limelight and behind the scenes. 

ZoëZoë Kravitz in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Zoë Kravitz Instagram @zoeisabellakravitz

Both actors opted to keep the information of their time together, if any, under wraps. The speculation of Kravitz and Foster's romantic involvement intensified as they collaborated on the set of the 2008 movie "Birds of America." The unstated nuances of their time collectively throughout this era remain one of Hollywood's interesting mysteries.

Jenna Danneberger

One of the rumors in Foster's love life includes the time he reportedly had a relationship with Jenna Danneberger around 2011. Whispers of their brief time together remain a mystery, leaving fans and media curious to learn the details.

The mystery of Ben and Jenna's brief romance adds an air of excitement to the actor's personal history, allowing for reflection and wonder. In the world of Hollywood gossip, some chapters of romance are written in whispers, losing the charm of untold stories and untold moments.

Kirsten Dunst

Ben Foster's love story includes a chapter with actress Kirsten Dunst, spanning 2000 to 2001, as mentioned in an article from Pop Sugar. Their relationship blossomed on the set of the comedy "Get Over It," which almost added a bit of on-screen charm to their off-screen relationship. 

Despite the public attention on celebrity love affairs, Ben and Kirsten chose to keep a veil of secrecy about the details of their time together. Sometimes the most compelling love stories are written in whispers, known only by the hearts they lived through.

Previously Engaged To Robin Wright

The romantic tale of Ben Foster and Robin Wright unfolded with twists and turns, marked by way of engagements and separations. Their journey took a flip towards dedication when they were given engaged in January 2014, promising a destiny together. However, the road to lasting love proved hard, leading to the stop of their relationship in November 2014. 

Despite the temporary separation, Ben and Robin discovered their way lower back to every different, reigniting their love and getting engaged yet again in January 2015. The story, however, did not discover its thankfulness ever after, as they faced yet another chapter of goodbye in August 2015. 

Foster and Wright's love story began on the set of their movie "Rampart" in 2011, and the sparks of connection truly ignited in February 2012. Their romance marked a significant chapter for the actress, who candidly shared that he was the first man ever to ask her out, as reported in InStyle

In an interview with The Telegraph, Wright revealed, "I'd never, ever been asked out on a date before. Never. I was frickin' married my whole life, and even before that, I hadn't been asked out." This revelation adds a touching layer to their narrative, portraying Ben as the catalyst for a new chapter in Robin's life.


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