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Aziz Ansari After Sexual Misconduct Skips The 2018 SAG Award And Reveived No Applause On Winning Award

January 22, 2018 by David Cole

Aziz skips the 2018 Screen Guild Award after he was reported to involved in sexual accusation with 23-year photographer Grace, which he classified consensual.

Aziz Ansari was hugely expected at the Sunday night ceremony for Best Actor nominees for one of his comedy series. when Aziz name was announced he received no applause and no time was allotted for applause.

[ CAPTION: Aziz Ansari ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

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The award was won by William H. Macy for shameless mentioned Ansari name and other nominees for the same listed for the award.

[ CAPTION: No applause on Aziz Ansari's nomination ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

The victim made the allegation against Master of the None under pseudonym Grace in a story printed on 13 January 2018 to

[ CAPTION: Grace allegation against Aziz Ansari After Sexual Misco ][ SOURCE: ]

Grace further said that it was the night of Emmy Award in late September 2017 when they exchange the contact and decided to go on date. She reported it was the worse date in my life.

[ CAPTION: Grace text ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

She also shares a screenshot, Last night was the worst nightmare me which you may find fun giving.

Whereas Aziz Ansari issue a statement, I came to meet with a girl in last September 2017 award ceremony, we exchange our number and eventually decided to go on a date which was ended in sexual activity and that was completely consensual.

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