Is Aziz Ansari Single? He broke up with Courtney McBroom after 2 years of Relationship!

You might be familiar with the name Aziz Ansari as a Tom Haverford on the NBC series Parks and Recreation. Then and now Ansari makes his way to with his show, and no doubt, everyone loves this actor. And people are now interested to know about his personal life.

An American comedian Aziz is also a well-known writer, creator, and a star of the Netflix series Master of None. As the second season of Master of None just aired on May 2017, Aziz is making lots of buzzes. Ansari fans are now eager to know who Aziz's girlfriend is?

Aziz Ansari ends his relationship

Stand up comedian Aziz reportedly broke up with his long-time girlfriend Courtney McBroom earlier this year. And since then Aziz love life hasn't made the headline for a quite long time.

Before ending their relationship, Aziz and McBroom were in a relationship since 2013. While most of the celebrities take over social media to open up about their relationship, this ex-couple preferred to stay away from the spotlight.

Aziz Ansari, source: GQ

Who is Aziz's ex-girlfriend? Some sources have claimed that McBroom and Anzari met when she worked at the Momofuku Milk Bar. Professionally Aziz ex-girlfriend is a chef.

Aziz Ansari and Courtney McBroom stroll through NYC, source: New York Post

In an interview Ansari shared his memorable moments with McBroom saying :

"I met her years ago when she was seeing someone. I thought she was really cool. Then I ran into her randomly, and she was single."

Aziz Ansari and  his former girlfriend Courtney McBroom, source: avenue

You can see McBroom on youtube sharing recipes for her delicious food.

Looking at Aziz's Instagram, we can say he is a foodie. Well, McBroom and Aziz, both have the love for foods.

However, Aziz mentioned about McBroom few times in his jokes as Ansari is a stand-up comedian.Aziz and McBroom didn't speak much about their relationship after their split.

But sadly, we have to say that it was depressing to hear about their break up. Ever since Aziz's break up, he's been quiet with the dating rumors.

Is Aziz Ansari Single?

The 34-year-old, Aziz's professional life has been in the best shape for past few years. Emmy Award Winner Aziz has also been awarded a Peabody Award. But his personal life is under wrapped in recent days.

The big question is " Who is Aziz dating recently?" Apart from his professional life, Aziz doesn't spend tons of time in a spotlight. So it's obvious there will be a little piece of information on his love affairs.

Break up with McBroom surely has opened a door for lots of ladies in Aziz's life. But Aziz is still single after ending a relationship with McBroom.

If we take a quick look at Aziz's Instagram, he hardly drops hints on his love life. Ansari posts are mostly related to his show. Well, we have to say, after the breakup, Aziz is spending most of his time with buddies.

But to be honest, it must be really hard for him cuz it sure in the hell is not easy to not be in a relationship when you're adored by so many people out there.