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Asaad Amin: Adopted son of Muhammad Ali- Know all about him

June 30, 2016
First published on:June 30, 2016
by John

Asaad Ali the youngest son of Muhammad Ali. He is the adopted the son of Muhammad Ali and his wife Yolanda William in 1986.

Muhammad Ali and Yolanda William got married and adopted Asaad who was just five months old. At that time they visited the foster care immediately after meeting the five-month-old angel they decided to adopt him. Thank god he was adopted by Muhammad Ali, if he was not adopted by him then I guess he would not be as lucky as he is now.

Muhammad Ali who died on June 3, he had 4 wife and 9 children. In1964 he married Sonji Roi then he married Belinda Boyd in 1967, in 1997 he married Belinda and then he married Yolanda (Lonnie), Williams, she was a friend since 1964. Then they got married in 1986.

Laila Ali, Rasheda Ali, Asaad Amin, Hana Ali, Maryum Ali, Jamillah Ali,Khaliah Ali, Muhammad Ali Jr., Miya Ali are the 9 children of Muhammad Ali. Out of nine children Asaad Ali claims that he has good bonding with his father. He expressed that he had a memorable time with him. He had post many photos with his father which proves that he spent quite well time with his father.

He said that he had never seen his father boxing. He even added that he was very much conscious that his health and spent a lot of time doing exercise. He practices a lot his activities while he practices. He gave tribute to his father that he was very much strong enough to fight against ‘Parkinson diseases’. His bravery must be praised by Asaad Ali. The main line he used in the caption that ‘ No one will ever touch this earth the way you did’.


Don’t you think that after his dead all of his children are being so much in love with their dead father? It’s been a month of his dead news and each of his children gave the statement that they loved their father a lot. Now it is getting people really confuse that which one cared a lot about Muhammad Ali. There is about $80 million of his net worth. There is still so many properties are not disclosed about it yet.

After knowing all about the news still, many news should be revealed. Here are some picture of Muhammad Ali

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