This is how Muhammad Ali's twin daughter Jamillah Ali pays tribute upon his death

June 5, 2016
First Published On: June 5, 2016
by HitBerry

Muhammad Ali was a man of big heart. He had four wives and nine children but despite having many children, he treated every child of his with immense love and care as if they were the only child he ever had. Hence, his children also feel the same way about him. When the sorrowful news of Muhammad Ali’s death broke on Friday, all of his children shared the grief and their love for him on the social media.  


Even his son Muhammad Ali Jr., who hadn’t spoken to him in two years broke his silence and was there by his father’s side during the last days. Muhammad Ali’s twin daughters, Rasheda, and Jamillah spoke on their father’s death and his glorious days as a champion with Entertainment Tonight.

Rasheda and Jamillah were there by their father’s side during his final moments.  Jamillah recalls their last moment together as,

"Our last couple of statements were our expressions of how much he meant to us."

Jamillah’s twin sister Rasheda describes the final moments as,

"All of the kids and grandkids were there. We were all kissing him. I was on one cheek and Jamillah was on the other cheek. We all took turns just telling stories, laughing, crying. It was a beautiful moment. Those final moments were just the most magnificent."

Jamillah Ali has always had immense love for her father, he never seemed like a celebrity to her. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune in 1992, she had very kind words to share about her father.  

"He's very caring, very sensitive, very protective. He doesn't act like a celebrity. He is simply humble, like any down-to-earth person you'd meet on the street." Jamillah further added her dad loved playing jokes and was very affectionate to his family.

 Muhammad Ali and his twins, Rasheda, and Jamillah Ali.                                     Source: Heavy

After battling Parkinson’s disease for 32 long years, Muhammad Ali passed away on June 3rd. A grief-struck Jamillah spoke very fondly about her father and the family loss as,

"The only way for us to feel OK with getting through the next day, the next week, the next month, is knowing that he's not suffering anymore. He's not in pain anymore, and he's happy, and he's in paradise."

The family gathered in Louisville on Thursday to pay tribute to their father with an Islamic funeral prayer program. Muhammad Ali will be buried on Friday following a funeral service.