Ann Curry Back To TV: I Wasn't Done I Knew Everytime

David ColePublished on   22 Jan, 2018Updated on   21 Apr, 2021

Ann Curry opens up in the exclusive PEOPLE Interview that she is back and will be doing six remaining PBS documentary series titled We'll Meet Again.

"There was that Kind of feeling that I'm not done," She Says,"If I Can Contribute work that matters, especially in this time when people are yearning for it, then I'd like to." 

We'll Meet Again is the first series introduced by Ann company and its spotlight on 12 tales of people who actually changed their lives.

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In 2012 working about a year with partner Matt Lauer quit the NBC show. Leaving came with a gossip news that Ann was fired and the reason was lack of chemistry with reporter partner Matt Lauer.

Further, the amid reports surprising report that Laure was involved partly which cost Ann Curry co-host job. Later Matt Lauer was fired with sexual misconduct allegation in November.

[ CAPTION: Ann Curry and Matt Lauer ][ SOURCE: People ]

One Twitter user tweet, Ann Curry must be sipping champagne. where Ann addressed that she was not relished to be focused on Lauer's firing.

Ann spoked she is involved in journalism to provide service and she will be doing same on future days.

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