Andrea Mitchell and Husband Alan Greenspan getting a divorce because Mitchell wants children? Know Details Here

HitBerryPublished on   10 Sep, 2015Updated on   27 Apr, 2021

Rumor has it that Andrea Mitchell and husband Alan Greenspan are getting divorced. It has been rumored that 71-year-old journalist Mitchell and her former Federal Reserve Chairman Husband, aged 91 are having a divorce.


An insider has revealed that the couple’s long relationship is in peril. The pair who has been married for almost two decades is said to be having a rough time in their marriage. Check out the story below:

Andrea Mitchell and Husband Alan Greenspan getting a divorce

Mitchell was married to Alan Greenspan, who is twenty years senior to her. The American television journalist started dating the founder of Greenspan Associates LLC. back in 1984.

The couple turned their relationship into a marriage in 1997. They were wedded by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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Despite the age difference and both the husband and wife’s previous unsuccessful attempts on marriage, the couple maintained their relationship far better than anybody else.

There was no hint of bitterness in their happy wedded life. They have been together for almost three decades. Both Mitchell and Greenspan tasted failure in their past in a quest to find the right partner, but they found each other.

The lover duo and their fans alike had thought that finally, they found someone who they were searching for quite a long time.

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But now it seems like the couple had had enough of each other. As we said before, the couple is planning to get a divorce. The informant informed that the long-term pair is thinking of breaking their long wedding pretty soon.

Mitchell’s marriage with Greenspan is not the first one. She was married to Gil Jackson previously but their marriage ended in divorce during the mid-1970s.

Andrea Mitchell Marital Relationship 

Talking about her present husband, he too had several relations in the past. He was married before Mitchell tied the knot with him. Greenspan married an artist Joan Mitchell in 1952 but it ended in annulment within a year of their marriage.

The chairman later dated newsperson Barbara Walters during the late 70s. He then started a fling with Mitchell. The couple dated for more than a year and they finally decided to get hitched in 1997.

Reason Behind Andrea Mitchell and Alan Greenspan's Divorce

So what happened between these lovebirds that dragged them to the end of their marriage? The informant has all the answers.

It has been said that the NBC political correspondent, Mitchell wants to have children. But unfortunately, she can’t because she is already 68. While her husband who is twenty years older than her is quite happy to be without kids, Mitchell is desperate to have one.

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The source revealed that the reporter and commentator for NBC had tried to convince her husband several times in the past to adopt kids but Greenspan, who is on the way to his 90s, disagreed with her. The insider added,

“Greenspan is too old to raise kids.”

So now, due to the differences, the couple has decided to cut the cord that has been connecting them together. Mitchell, who has survived breast cancer, is an independent woman.

Andrea Mitchell Net worth

Andrea earns the good sum of money throughout her career. She is a well-respected news anchor in the US. Andrea Mitchell's net worth is around $5 million and receives $750,000 as her annual salary. So the source says it won’t be a problem for a woman like her to adopt and raise a kid as a single mother.

Ten Facts about Andrea Mitchell

1. Andrea Mitchell was born on October 30, 1946, and is 71 years old.
2. Andrea Mitchell was born in New Rochelle, New York, United States.
3. Andrea Mitchell started her professional career in 1967.
4. Andrea Mitchell married Gil Jackson in 1970.
5. Andrea Mitchell divorced Gil Jackson in 1975.
6. Andrea Mitchell married Alan Greenspan in 1997.
7. Andrea Mitchell is twenty years younger than her husband, Alan Greenspan.
8. Andrea Mitchell's net worth is around $5 million.
9. Andrea Mitchell's salary is around $750 thousand per year.
10. Andrea Mitchell's birth sign is Scorpio.