Alan Greenspan' Wife Andrea Mitchell's Net Worth: Know in Detail about her Career and Awards

Andrea Mitchell is an American television journalist anchor, reporter as well as a commentator for Washington, D.C based NBC news. She is working in this field for a long time and has gained lots of experience. Greenspan is a well-known personality on the screen by her profession and is estimated to earn a decent amount of money. 


So what is her current net worth? How much does she earn from her career? Let's find out everything about her net worth, career, and awards!

Andrea Mitchell Net worth And Salary

The well-known journalist Andrea Mitchell has been working in the field of journalism for a long time and has got a lot of experience. Along with experience, Mitchell has also earned an astonishing amount of money. 

As of now, Mitchell has the estimated net worth of $5 million which is totally worth. Till date, she has worked for several radio stations and television channels. Similarly, Mitchell earns $750 thousand per year salary from her journalism and reporting career. 

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Mitchell and her husband Alan Greenspan used to live previously in Washington, DC (DC), United States. The house was located near to the road and was surrounded by trees. However, the couple currently resides in New York City. They bought a Luxury Apartment Home in 2002, and its current Real Estate value is $1million. 

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Similarly, Mitchell also owns four luxurious cars worth $650,000. The brands of the cars she owns include Ford and Chevrolet. Well, she has recently bought a BMW luxury car worth $175,000. Likewise, her husband Alan has the estimated net worth of $20 million and salary of $180,000. 

Andrea Mitchell Career 

Soon after completing her graduation, Mitchell started her journalism career and began working as news director of student radio station WXPN. And in 1978, she moved to NBC News based in Washington, D.C. And in 1979, the NBC named Michell as their energy correspondent.

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After that, Mitchell appeared as panelist and substitute host at Meet the Press. She covered the news including White House and further reported several other news of noteworthy type stories such as the budget and tax reform. 

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From 1988 to 1992, Mitchell served as Chief Congressional Correspondent in which she played the role reporting on the budget. Likewise, she further served as Chief White House Correspondent from 1993 to 1994 for NBC News

Moreover, since 2008, Mitchell hosts a program, Andrea Mitchell Reports on NBC's news and commentary channel MSNBC which broadcasts weekdays at 12:00 noon ET. 

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Besides her journalism and broadcasting career, Mitchell has also written two books entitled Talking Back and Talking Back... to Presidents, Dictators, and Assorted Scoundrels which were released in 2005. In the book, Mitchell has chronicled her work as a journalist.

Andrea Mitchell Awards

Throughout, her career Mitchell has received several awards. In 2004, she received a Leonard Zeidenberg Award for her contribution to the protection of First Amendment Freedoms. Furthermore, in the same year became a regular panelist on MSNBC’s Hardball. 

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Furthermore, she has received News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage of a Current News Story – Long Form for three times in 2005, 2006 and 2009.