American Swimmer Amanda Beard and husband Sacha Brown pregnant again?

April 28, 2017
First Published On: November 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Seven time Olympic medal winner Amanda Beard is rumored to be pregnant once again with her third child. Amanda And her husband Sacha Brown who already have two children between them, one boy and a daughter might just be looking toward their third child.

Amanda has previously said that she loves her children and her happiness lies with her children. Their might just be a possibility of her hiding her baby bump so that she does not get unwanted attention.

She probably doesn't want her children to not grow in the shadows of celebrity. She is rumored to have said she prefers her children to live as simple hard working citizens. Amanda and her husband are known to be very confidential people when it comes to their children.

It has been rumored that Amanda has been seen her with her husband, attending parental care seminars.

Amanda, who is known among her friends on being a fitness expert with her long history as a professional swimmer was also at one time considered to be one of the top hot female athletes in the world at her peak.

Her husband, Sacha who is a photographer by profession was her long-time boyfriend before they got married. Her first child was born in 2009 and their daughter four years later.

She still is known to maintain a very healthy lifestyle so that she can remain in shape even after child birth. She is also known to be very concerned about her looks.

As a professional swimmer, Amanda is one of the most distinguished female athletes on an international level with two Olympic gold medals, four silver and one bronze to her name. She was also a former world record holder in the breast stroke category in the 200 meter course.

Altogether in her career, she has won a sum total of twenty one gold medals making her by far one of the most successful female swimmers. She is also one of the few female swimmers to have won the American Swimmer of the Year Award two times.

Due to her appealing athletic body, she has also modeled for prominent fashion magazines like “FHM”, Sports illustrated Swimsuit Edition” and “Playboy”. She is also an animal rights activist and has remained very outspoken on the purpose of wildlife protection time and again.

Her career has even taken her to TV commercials and she has been seen on advertisements for companies like “GoDaddy”.

Most recently she has taken out her autobiography which is said to be a deep insight to female athletes’ lives. It is perhaps even relatable for most women who are not in the field of sports too.

Her net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

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