American Magician David Blaine's Net Worth and Earnings; Know his Donations and Charities

April 4, 2018
First Published On: April 4, 2018
by roshan

The American magician, illusionist, and endurance artist, David Blaine, who is most famous for his high profile magical shows and his feats of endurance, has earned a lot of fame through his career and added a huge deal of cash to his total net worth.


Everyone love magic. So, what is better than to choose magic as your professional career if you are good at it? The same thought might have entered the mind of the magician David Blaine. With his career and a little unique way of looking at things, he changed the way the world looks at magic. Today, we are going to discuss magician David Blaine's net worth. You might know him as a philanthropist too.

David Blaine’s Net Worth

David Blaine has the life; many would want to have! The magician started out as a street magician since he was only 24 years old. And, now, he is currently 45 years old, so he should have a good sum of money from his 20 years of magical experience, doesn’t he?

CAPTION: David Blaine SOURCE: Feeling success

Well, the magician David Blaine's net worth is $12 million according to The Richest Magazine. He achieved the millionaire crown from his hard work and determination to change himself for good. All of his earnings are from his Magic Shows and TV specials.

CAPTION: David Blaine showing cards SOURCE: 98 Rock

If we dig up into his social media profiles thoroughly, then we will find him visiting to many new places. Even if, his work takes him to different places, it shows how much he spends to make his show one of the greatest.

CAPTION: David Blaine enjoying his time SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: David Blaine in Oregon SOURCE: Instagram

David Blaine as a Philanthropist

David Blaine is more than a magician and an endurance artist; he is also a social worker. The illusionist is purely about philanthropy. In 2010, Haiti had to go through a severely destructive earthquake.

For the relief of the people, David created an event called Magic for Haiti in the Times Square. From it, he collected $100,000 in a performance that lasted for 72 hours and donated it all for their relief.

CAPTION: David Blaine 'Marathon of Haiti' SOURCE: YouTube

Similarly, in 2010, he donated two Tesla Coils to the Liberty Science Center, with both costing a million dollars.

With a really dangerous life, David Blaine has been proving that a human body can endure it all through his magical performances.