American Journalist, Kara Swisher got divorced with her lesbian wife Megan Smith, Know all in detail

An American journalist, Kara Swisher got divorced from her longtime lesbian wife, Megan Smith. The duo was together for more than fifteen years but what was the reason behind their sudden separation?

How is Megan's current life going, is she dating anyone? To know all personal details about her keep scrolling!

Kara Swisher and ex-husband Megan Smith

When Kara was busy building her professional career, she found her best friend and her ex-partner, Megan Smith.  

Megan is a former vice president of Google. Kara and Megan were married in a secret ceremony when lesbian marriage was still not legal.

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Kara the co-executive editor of All Things D, had buried the news that she married her longtime partner, Megan Smith as gay marriage was banned in California and the state's law prohibited same-sex marriages illegal. The duo was among the first couple who married each other against a strong law.

The couple was even blessed with two sons named Alex and Louise via which they conceived via surrogacy. After the birth of the babies, the couple got separated despite being together for 15 years.

Kara Swisher Divorced her Ex-partner Megan Smith

After being together with each other for several years, Kara and wife Megan sadly separated. The reason behind their separation is still a mystery as they never disclosed the information regarding it publicly.

YouTube: Kara Swisher interview with The Tim Ferriss Show

Kara who is pretty uptight in sharing her personal details with the outer world has successfully buried the dispute that led her family to break. As we have previously mentioned that she is a secretive person she kept every detail of her divorce behind the curtain. Actually, the co-founder of Recode, Kara did not reveal the exact reason for their separation. [ CAPTION: Kara Swisher and Megan Smith with their children ][ SOURCE: Married Wiki ]

As of now their two sons, Alex and Louise are living happily with Kara. Despite the busy schedule, she manages to take a good care of her children.

Mini Bio

Kara Swisher, an American journalist is famous for writing, The Wall Street Journal and for serving as co-executive editor of All Things Digital.

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Further, she worked at an alternative newspaper in The Washington Post. First, she worked there as an intern but was later hired full-time. In 1997 she attended The Wall Street Journal and wrote several articles regarding the culture of Silicon Valley which appears on the front page of Wall Street Journal’s Marketplace section and online.

Moreover, she struck out with the Recode website based in San Francisco, California.