America Ferrera's first Red Carpet Appearance Since Announcing Pregnancy in Golden-Globe 2018 with Natalie Portman

January 8, 2018
First Published On: January 8, 2018

America Ferrera made her grand Red Carpet appearance in Golden Globe but this time it was not with Ryan Piers Williams.

We know you are curious to find out who America made her Golden Globe appearance with, If it was not Ryan, who he can be, and other millions of questions may have arisen in your brain, But chill fans she is still with Ryan but she flaunted with actress Natalie Portman in 2018 Golden Globe Awards on January 7.

Ferrera and Portman both flaunted in a black dress at the annual award ceremony. Take a quick guess at the whole black dress issue, Why did they wear a black dress? It's for their support against Sexual harassment to women.

The award ceremony could have been a bazaar accident if producer Harvey Weinstein had showed up at the event. Yet, nearly every attendee at the ceremony wore black to show their support to #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and “Time’s Up,” a movement that fight against sexual assault, harassment, and inequality in the workplace.

Know the secret behind Portman's black dress story in her own words



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Here is the caption to her strong words

“Today I wear black to be in solidarity with all people who have suffered discrimination, harassment, abuse in the workplace,” she wrote. “Time’s up on the imbalance of power. Let’s make our workplaces look more like our world.” 

Ferrera afterward on her Instagram wrote :

“My gentlewoman of a date, @nportmanofficial came all the way to the door for me. How ladies do,” Ferrera wrote on Instagram. “#TIMESUP#WHYWEWEARBLACK.”

The Superstore actress was seen in a blazer over a sparkly black gown and her date of the night Portman wore a long-sleeved gown for the occasion. At the same time actor, Ewan McGregor's Golden Globes speech with a love message for Mary Elizabeth Winstead and his former wife Eve Mavrakis was admired and made the night the dedicated to the ladies.