Harvey Weinstein Reportedly in Arizona not in LA to crash into Hollywood Golden Globe Party

Harvey Weinstein was rumored to be hanging around hanging out in L.A. Beverly Hills hotel where press for 'Golden Globes' was going to be held and the whole Hollywood was shaken with the fear of the return of the notorious producer. 

But relax all'ya Hollywood followers as TMZ has confirmed that the producer is nowhere around the Holywood's territory, in fact, he is miles away from it.

TMZ's obtained a photo of Weinstein -- which we're told was taken around 4 PM Thursday in Arizona -- and word is ... he's not planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

Along with this news, few of the actors can rest their voice of disapproval. Actors including Rosanna Arquette and Ellen Barkin were pretty vocal about the producer's return but now it looks all good.

The producer Weinstein was alleged of sexual harassment by several actors in Hollywood and reportedly paid millions for the settlement and is one of the most hated figures in Hollywood.