Amanda Peet married for 10 years with David Benioff. Also know their children.

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The most important thing about a good marriage is not happiness but stability. Any relationship is not full of happiness and sunshine until and unless two people share one umbrella and survive the storm together. Here, know how long it's been since Amanda Peet married.

In the stable marital couple, we do have Amanda Peet and David Benioff. The couple shared 10 years of marital life and is still counting on. Moreover, check out their children and more…

Amanda Peet married for 10 years with David Benioff

Firstly, let's discuss Amanda Peet and David Benioff's relationship story. Even though she was enjoying a serious relationship with her ex-boyfriend, she immediately got excited to meet David Benioff. Peet's friend Peter Blake introduced them and rest is the history.

In an interview with Contact Music, she revealed that David talked about her clearing her then-boyfriend as a future husband. After a year, her pal Pater Blake called her and asked to enjoy a date with David Benioff. Her friend Blake explained that David Benioff is a nice Jewish boy from New York and that is what attracted her.

Amanda Peet with her husband David Benioff Amanda Peet with her husband David Benioff   Source:  Daily Mail

The couple started dating since March 2005 and dated for around 4 months. After their wonderful bond, the couple got engaged in July 2005. After a year and three months of their engagement, the couple exchanged their vows on 30th September 2006.

They said "I do" in a ceremony held at the actress's alma mater, Friends Seminar, a Quaker school established in 1786. During their wedding ceremony, Amanda Peet was pregnant with their first child. Peet revealed about her four months pregnancy while she appeared on the "Late Show with David Letterman".

Remember the time when Jon Snow's death news shocked everyone. Fans got disappointed by the twist the drama. The news arose after Amanda Peet threatens to divorce "Game Of Thrones" writer husband over Jon Snow's death.

At the moment, the couple is sharing 10 years long marital life and deeply loves each other. The co-creator David Benioff included her wife in his acceptance speech at the Outstanding Drama Series Award. The way he thanked her wife is just beyond the imagination.

The couple is happily enjoying their marital life. The couple is also regarded to be one of the most stable couples in the Hollywood industry.

Amanda Peet and David Benioff's Children

American actress and author Amanda Peet and American novelist, television producer, director and screenwriter David Benioff is blessed with three children in total.

Peet gave birth to their first child on 20th February 2007. The couple named their first child as Frances Penn. Later, after around three months of first child, Peet gave birth to their second child, a daughter, Molly June on 20th April 2010. After 5 years of the second child, she again gave birth for the third time, a son, Henry on 6th December 2014.

Amanda Peet's Children Amanda Peet's Children   Source:  dailymail

Amanda Peet's Past Affairs

Amanda Peet made headlines for kissing Sarah Paulson on the red carpet at the2017 Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles. Peet explained that her love relationship with Sarah Paulson is complicated but very special. She even revealed, Paulson is just like my wife.

Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson on red carpet "kiss" Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson on red carpet "kiss"   Source:  nyppagesix

Amanda Peet once dated John Kennedy, Jr. He is an American business professional. The couple had an encounter in 1994. Later, after four years, Peet dated American actor Ben Stiller. The couple didn't reveal any information about their relationship. However, after dating for a short time, the couple separated.

After two continuous relationship failures, Peet got linked with American actor Brian Van Holt. The couple started dating since 2001 and dated for only two years. The couple broke up in 2003. The reason behind their breakup is not revealed.

Amanda Peet and Brian Van Holt Amanda Peet and Brian Van Holt  Source:  base64

After several relationship failures, Amanda Peet is now happily married to David Benioff for 10 years and still counting on.