Amaia Salamanca married to Rosauro Varo revealed the facts aobut her second pregnancy in an interview

Spanish actress Amaia Salamanca recently revealed facts about her second pregnancy. Amaia who also happens to be a model after being a mother of two is a source of huge inspiration for mothers around the world who believe it is possible to be a mother of two and still work as usual.


Amaia Salamanca Children 

Amaia’s second son, Nacho Varo Salamanca was born on the 8th of September 2015. She described as to how her second pregnancy a completely different experience for her.

As her first child is her daughter Olivia Varo Salamanca and second was a son. She has just turned a year old and will be turning two next month on the 9th of April.

She expressed her delight and how happy she is that everything the whole process turned out to be good. Without any obstructions and inconvenience to her or her son “Nacho”.

She has also shared that her daughter “Olivia” is also very delighted with her new baby brother. She has said that due to her pregnancy she decided to take an extended time off this time, unlike her first time.

Amaia Salamanca Pregnancy 

She also kept her pregnancy a secret this time and only her friends and family knew about it as she did not want the media attention she received with her second child the way her first was subject too.

Amaia has also shared that her second pregnancy was a way smoother sail than her first one. She was already prepared to face it having had the expertise of childbirth once before.

She has also said how her husband Rosauro was a constant support to her and made sure she and the child were at the best of health at all times.

Amaia and Rosauro were married back in 2010 and welcomed their first child in 2014.

Amaia on a professional level is known for her exceptional acting abilities when she is not acting, she keeps herself occupied with photo shoots and modeling.

Amaia Salamanca Achievements 

Her well-known performance in TV shows have come through “Grand Hotel”, “SMS” and she is currently working on her latest show” Velvet”.

Her distinguished performances in the field of movies have come from “Web Cam”, “Felipe y Letizia” she has also tried her hand in a theater with the play “The Marquise of O”. She is currently working on a project which is set to premiere at the end of the year.

Amaia was praised by women all around the world when she posed for a fashion magazine in the middle of her pregnancy. She received support from various women organizations and society for being able to show the beauty of a woman in a whole new outlook.

Amaia Salamanca Net worth 

Amaia earns a good sum of money in her career. Her net worth is estimated to be $145 million. Most part of her fortune comes through her smart stock investment and other investment methods.

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