Altered Carbon A Solid Cyberpunk, Is It A Blade Runner knockoff?

February 6, 2018
First Published On: February 4, 2018
by David Cole

Alter Carbon is not a Blade Runner Knockoff neither related to Games of Thrones but its addiction may be like Games of Throne to Cyberpunk fans.


Altered Carbon is an entertaining American TV show based on 2002's novel of the same title. As it is a solid cyberpunk adaptation it's fans will definitely accept it. It is out since 2nd February and is accepted by long awaiting fans.

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Altered Carbon is about a soldier Takeshi Kovacs played by actor Joel Kinnaman. In the series, Kinnaman wakes back from his death after hundreds of years in the world that he previously fought to save.


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The sci-fi series takes place in 2384 where humanity has already seen its immortality. The human bodies have become sleeves and consciousness has turned digital. The on-screen Robocop Kinnaman proves to be a perfect choice for the role as he has past experience with similar category film and this time he will show his science fiction skill in Altered Carbon TV series and entertain Cyberpunk lovers.


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In the show, Kinnaman is given a choice either to solve the wealthiest man James Purefoy's  death case or spend rest of his life in prison. Takeshi Kovacs is the single surviving man who fought against the rising of the new world in which he is recently alive.