Alessandra Ambrosio's body is her temple? Get to know and see her more

HitBerryPublished on   11 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio shows off her delightful derriere on the beach in Malibu. Ambrosio who normally makes tons of public appearances, this time makes a stunning display on a swimsuit. Why Alessandra's body is her temple? Let's unravel.

Alessandra Corine Maria Ambrosio is a Brazilian model and actress. Ambrosio is known for her work with Victoria's Secret and was chosen as the first spokesmodel for the company's PINK line. Ambrosio is currently one of the Victoria's Secret Angels and has modeled for brands such as Next, Armani Exchange, Christian Dior, and Ralph Lauren.

Alessandra Ambrosio shows off her delightful derriere

This summer, all you can see is Alessandra's exclusive steamy display out and about. She was ready for a beach time thus was spotted on the shore in Malibu.

Ambrosio was flaunting her slender figure in a pink high cut swim suit along with a large straw hat and John Dalia shades. She was there along with her girlfriends at the resort city just north of Los Angeles.

The Brazillian beauty was striking a pose by the water's edge while one of her pals was shooting her. Later she showed off her athletic skills by playing a volleyball with her friends.

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Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio Source: Daily Mail

She claimed that after being a mom, she has been more conscious about her body while wearing a lingerie. She gushed in the interview;

'I used to be 100% comfortable on lingerie shoots - then I had a child, and it was more of a mental shift than anything else, somehow it felt a bit weirder to be in lingerie once I was a mom.'

Well, we disagree, she looks as appealing as before in a lingerie and bikini. Fans have always admired her figure and she can never be criticized on the base of her figure.

Why Alessandra Ambrosio's body is her temple?

N0 wonder she has such a lavishing body because she tends to maintain with workouts most of the time.

Here she is in a toned tum wearing a chic sports bra accessorized with purple trainers and choker style necklace while she heads out to a workout. What's the secret behind her amazing body? Here's her secret;

'It wasn't until I did my first Victoria's Secret show that I started exercising... now it's a healthy, normal part of my daily routine.'

Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio Source: Daily Mail

That is why Alessandra is considered as one of the world's top models whose body is her temple. She was seen showing off her stunning abs in a tight workout gear in Brentwood. She had a skimpy Victoria's Secret sports top and a pair of skin-tight leggings.

She has also managed to win the hearts of millions of fans with her casual wear as well. She totally rocked horizontal stripes in black and white tunic during an outing to West Hollywood with her male companion.

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Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio Source: Daily Mail

Her dazzling appearances are still to be displayed more in the future. Stay tuned!

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