Akon's Relationship Timeline: From His First Girlfriend to His Current Wife

Akon, the Senegalese-American singer and record producer, is famous for his hit songs such as "Smack That," "Lonely," "Right Now," and "I Wanna Love You." 

In addition to his music career, Akon is also known for having four wives. This has sparked a lot of discussion and divided opinions among people. His wives are Tomeka Thiam, Rozina Negusei, Amirah-Iman Thiam, and Tricia Anna.

The Singer's Marriages

Tomeka Thiam

Tomeka and Akon's love story started when they met at a party in 1993. She was just 18 years old, and he was 20. Their relationship blossomed from there, and they eventually got married. 


Tomeka Thiam with a selfie SOURCE: Instagram @mekas.world

However, the details of the singer and Thiam's marriage remain somewhat unclear. Regardless of how they tied the knot, she has been a significant part of his life for many years.

A Bit About Thiam

Tomeka Thiam is the owner of Salon a la Saison in Buckhead, Atlanta. She has also dipped her toes into the music business. She's been a part of the BuVision recording label, collaborating closely with Akon’s brother, Bu Thiam. 

Through her involvement in the music industry, Tomeka has gained insights and experiences that complement her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Rozina Negusei

Rozina Brook Negusei was born on January 2, 1978, in South Wollo, Dessie Amhara Region, Ethiopia. She holds the prestigious position of President & CEO at En-Treeg Records. 


Akon with Rozina Negusei SOURCE: Instagram @rozybn

In this role, Rozina plays a crucial part in shaping the music landscape, nurturing budding talents, and providing platforms for artists to showcase their skills. 

Amirah-Iman Thiam

Amirah-Iman Thiam, also known as AMIRROR, originally comes from Harlem, Columbia County, Georgia, USA. As a rising recording artist and rapper, she has made a name for herself in the music scene. 

Thiam's unique style and powerful lyrics have helped her carve out her niche in the industry. While she's gained recognition for her solo work, she has also delved into collaborations. One notable collaboration is with her husband, Akon, on the song "Far Away."

Tricia Anna

Tricia Anna has had a diverse career within the entertainment industry. Initially making her mark as a former urban model, she quickly transitioned into the role of an A&R (Artists and Repertoire) representative for Konvict Muzik, the renowned label founded by Mor Thiam's son, Akon. 


Akon's wife. Tricia Anna SOURCE: Instagram @tricia_ana

In this pivotal role, Tricia likely played a vital part in discovering and nurturing emerging talent within the music industry, showcasing her keen eye for potential stars.

Expanding her repertoire even further, Anna ventured into the world of reality television as a supporting cast member in Season 6 of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." This platform provided her with the opportunity to offer viewers a glimpse into various facets of her life.

Akon On Having Multiple Wives

In an interview with American radio host Big Boy, Akon opened up about his decision to have multiple wives. He used an analogy to explain his viewpoint. As reported in Lad Bible, he likened the situation to having a wardrobe full of different colored Ferraris.

The "I Wanna Love You" singer suggested that having more than one spouse allowed him to have variety and flexibility in his life. Akon elaborated that having only one wife could feel restrictive, like wearing the same outfit every day, whereas having multiple wives provides him with options and makes life more manageable. 

However, despite the singer's attempt to rationalize his lifestyle choice, not everyone found his explanation satisfactory. Some people questioned the ethics and fairness of polygamous relationships, highlighting the complexities and potential challenges involved. 

Is The Singer Married To Rosina Bruck?

The marital status of Akon and Rosina Bruck remains uncertain, as conflicting reports circulate on the internet. Some sources claim that they are indeed married, while others suggest that they are engaged. 

Additionally, reports indicate that Akon and Rosina may have divorced. With such divided information available, it's challenging to confirm their current relationship status definitively. Despite the speculation and rumors, neither of them has provided clear confirmation or denial of their marital status.

Has Multiple Kids With Multiple Partners

Akon is known to have multiple children with different partners, totaling nine kids. However, detailed information about all of his children is not readily available. Four of his children are with Tomeka Thiam, consisting of two sons and two daughters. 

Tomeka and Akon's eldest son, Alioune, was born in 1996. It was followed by the arrival of Jhavor in 2001. Journey joined the family in 2006. Finally, Alianna completed their quartet when she was born in 2007. 

Akon has been vocal in defending his choice to have a large family, as well as supporting others, like Nick Cannon, in their decisions to do the same. 


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