Age 53, American Voice Artist Patrick Warburton Is In a Married Relationship Since a Long Time; Has Four Children

May 20, 2018
First Published On: May 20, 2018

Widely known for playing David Puddy in the television series Seinfeld, 53 years old Merican actor and voice artist Patrick Warburton is in a married relationship with Cathy Jennings and is blessed with four children.


David has been in a relationship with Cathy since a very long time. With respect and true love, the couple is living very happy life and enjoying there romantic married life and have 4 children together.

David after spending a long time with his wife has a true feeling towards his wife and is not seen in much controversies when it comes to his relationships and is also a good father. Let's know more about Patrick Warburton's married life and relationship with his children.

Patrick Warburton's married life

Patrick Warburton got married to his lovely wife Cathy Jennings in 1991 and has already spent over 27 years together. Spending long year together has made their strong the couple still looks happy with each other as a husband and wife.

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CAPTION: Patrick Warburton and Cathy Jennings together.
SOURCE: Married Wiki

The couple met each other at Saints Simon and Jude Catholic church in Huntington Beach, California. Patrick expressed that he feels like it was just yesterday they met. It was the mass in the 5 p.m Sunday where the young people would hang out to see who wanted to date.

The couple was lucky they met each other as they have been true to each other and fully dedicated to their relationship. Besides being busy in his professional television career Patrick gives time to his family and wife.

Youtube: Patrick Warburton at the devil's game

The couple tied the knot secretly in a private family and with the presence of close family and friends. Being in a married relationship then after they are still in love with each other as both Patrick and Cathy is often seen sharing their pictures with each other via different social media sources.

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CAPTION: Patrick Warburton and Cathy Jennings spending their time together
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Patrick Warburton sharing his wife Cathy Jenning's  picture via Instagram 
SOURCE: Instagram

With these pictures and no controversies in the media proves the unshakeable bond between the couple. There are no any negative rumors about the couple even in the media and looks like a couple is having a beautiful life along with their children.

Patrick Warburton's children

Spending a long time together Patrick with his beloved wife Cathy is blessed with 4 children. The couple share 3 sons together, Talon Patrick, born in 1992, Shane born in 1998 and Gabriel born on 6th October 2000. The couple shares a  daughter Alexandra Catherine born in 1994. 

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CAPTION: Patrick Warburton with his family
SOURCE: Instagram

Patrick has been a responsible parent and a loving husband. He seems to be taking good care of his children as well as his wife. Looking at the picture we can say that the bond between all the family members is very strong and they look very happy living together.

Every year the family go for a month long vacation in their cabin at Rogue river in Oregon, where they spend their vacation doing rafting and camping. All of his children are studying different courses and living together.

1. Patrick Warburton was born on November 14, 1964, in Peterson, New Jersey, USA.
2. His full name is Patrick John Warburton.
3.  He is the son of orthopedic surgeon John Charles Warburton Jr. and  Actress Barbara Jeanne Gratz.
4. His total net worth is estimated to be around 30 million.
5. His acting roles often rely on his deep, booming voice and large physique.
6. He along with his sister was raised in a very religious family in California.
7. He has also won a couple of awards including Beverly Hills Film Festival Award.
8. He is famous for Seinfeld and rules of Engagement.
9. He is 6' 3" ( 191cm) tall.
10. He is a Roman Catholic.