Actor John DiMaggio, best known for giving voice over for Bender in Futarama, shows us all the different voices he can do

December 30, 2015
First published on:December 30, 2015
by HitBerry

Foul-mouthed, heavy-drinking, cigar-smoking robot Bender is a favorite character for many of Futurama fans. The iconic voice actor John DiMaggio, who voices the iconic robot in the show, is the main reason behind its success. In an interview with our sources, DiMaggio showed us how awesome his voice acting skill is.

The actor proceeded to show how many different kind of voices he can do. The actor has provided voice for many iconic animated figures. It was certain that the range of voices he can produce would be quite impressive.

“Why so serious?”, DiMaggio asked our interviewer in the beginning of the interview imitating a popular Batman franchise character, the Joker.

The actor also revealed that his favorite line from the most popular character played by him is “Shut up, baby! Yeah, I know it!.” The actor mentioned that he had no idea that his character would be so famous the time he first played the role.

The actor also revealed that even though the Transformer movie was not a commercial success, he had a lot of fun voicing over the Transformer character, Leadfoot. In a monotonous robot like sound, the actor said, “Dark of Moon was really fun”.

When asked if he thinks the work of voice actors is underappreciated, he jokingly said in Bender’s voice “C’mon yeah baby, aww yeah!”. He also added that he gets recognition in bars and pubs when he does Bender’s impression and claimed that he is content with that. He also added that he is against the belief that voice actors are less talented than on-screen actors.

The actor currently lives in Los Angeles, California. The voice actor, however, was born and raised in New Jersey. He is currently married to Kate Miller. His wife is also a voice actress.

DiMaggio started his career as an actor at a very early age. His first major voice over was in the 1993 animated series ‘Ninja Scroll’. Since then, he has given the voice for many legendary animated characters. His voice over for Futurama robot Bender is well appreciated by critics and his fans alike. He won Annie Awards in 2001 for this role.

 He also voiced Joker in the 2010 animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood. Madagascar, Bones, Transformers: Dark of the moon and Wreck-it Ralph are some of his commercially successful movie. He has also provided voice for video games characters.

The voice actor’s social media accounts are also very popular among his fans. His Twitter @TheJohnDiMaggio has nearly 86k followers. His love for AFL franchise New York Jets is also on the show in his Twitter page. The actor, however, is not present in Instagram.

DiMaggio’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million dollars.

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